❣️It’s really all about L❤️VE ❣️

Whatever you do, it must always be done out of L❤️VE. Giving to the poor is a good thing to do, but if it’s not out of love – there’s no benefit for you. Without love, no one wins. Some people have an art of giving grudgingly – they grumble and give …there’s no reward when you grumble and complain about what you do. Then, there are folks who love to give – they give and forget that they gave. Someone may meet them years after, and remind them of their good deed, yet, the giver has no recollection of the gift – it’s called L❤️VE ❣️

L❤️VE doesn’t have a short fuse. L❤️VE is patient. Sideline 💔 ..God is still working on me with this one. He’s not finished with me yet💔 ..As God continues to humble me when I’m short and abrupt, is the more conscious I become in accepting others with their short comings. I’m quick to apologize and show remorse when I mess up…But, true love demands patience with each other ❤️. So I keep on working on me ❣️❣️

L❤️VE is not jealous. You cannot envy someone and love them at the same time. You can have two persons who truly love each other, but there’s always that one invisible thing that keeps them apart. Many times it’s that one word – jealousy. Jealousy creates strife, and this can happen between spouses; good friends; siblings; co-workers; and neighbors. Let L❤️VE always win ❤️❣️

L❤️VE does not brag, nor is it arrogant. The more you L❤️VE – is the less you will brag about yourself, and more you will praise the other person. There’s no shining star when you love someone. The two individuals shine brighter together, and God is glorified. Arrogance is disrespectful to the other person in the relationship. It’s dysfunctional, as arrogance displays a spirt of superiority. God expects us to serve each other. ❤️

L❤️VE is forgiving. Love doesn’t keep a diary of spats and disagreements. Love is forgiving of all the times you hurt me and I hurt you. Love agrees to move on without looking back at the difficult times. Love says, I’m happy we made it ❤️. Love says, thank you for sticking with me❣️. Love says, I’m not going anywhere without you❤️.  Love says, it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. ❣️❤️

May we all strive to keep our marriages aglow. Invite Jesus into your marriage and home, making Him Lord of your lives. No quitting now! Get rid of any options or alternatives in the corner of your mind. Break the spirit of divorce and seperation by sticking together through good times and bad times. Your words can bring healing or remorse, so keep it sweet ❤️. Keep on sharing the one umbrella 🌂 even if you may be upset with each other. At least no one will be left standing in the rain ☔️ .❤️

❤️L❤️VE is action, behaviour, and attitude❤️

October 12, 2016 🌺 Today marks my 43rd Wedding Anniversary ❤️ God is faithful ✝️

4 thoughts on “❣️It’s really all about L❤️VE ❣️

  1. Happy 43rd wedding anniversary to you and Eddison, Junie. You have modeled faithfulness, commitment and love. Enjoy the rewards of the love you have sown so generously over the years to so many people along the way. Happy anniversary and blessings for many more happy years together 💑. I love you forever 👭


  2. Happy 43rd anniversary to my sweetheart. It is love that brought us together in the first place and it is that same love that is keeping us going. Our source is God.
    Keep in writing and living in your God ordained purpose.

    Love you.


    1. L❤️VE doing Life with you ❤️ Thanks for giving our marriage your all ❤️
      Looks like we made it. Look how far we’ve come ❤️ God will be glorified 🙏🏾


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