A Hungry Man will Eat until He’s satisfied 

Have you ever been so hungry that you will eat anything, even if you were a picky eater? Cain sold his birthright for just a bowl of soup. It’s been said that a hungry person should never go grocery shopping, because the hunger will persuade him to purchase stuff he wouldn’t normally purchase.

Here’s another scenario to ponder on – You were starved, you sat and had a hearty meal, your tummy is full until you can’t eat anymore. Did you once stop to consider how many mouthfuls did it take for you to be satisfied? How long did it take for you to chew every mouthful? Where did all that food go? My guess will be – No. Why? Because no one who is starved will ever actually stop to ponder such details. But, the result is – the man came in hungry, was fed a hearty meal to his heart’s content – and finally, he’s no longer a hungry man. He’s now a happy, and contented man.

Where am I going with this? Many times, we pick up the Bible and read many great scriptures. We may meditate on those verses for a few minutes; we may be inspired and ready now to face the world. As the day goes along, the pace picks up and before you know it  – you feel so exhausted. At this point, we pause for a moment and ask ourselves- ‘Do I remember what I read this morning?’ The answer may come back with a disappointing voice – ‘no, not really.’ 

Then you start to question yourself, and guilt stirs up inside of you, wondering if it was worth the time reading the Word. Well, there’s no need to panic or think you have sinned? The truth is the Word is hidden inside of you whenever you read it. The scripture is buried deep inside of you. No question about that. Be assured that it will surface to your memory when you need it. 

Remember the hungry man – he didn’t even take a detailed summary of his meal  – but he ate and was completely satisfied. God’s Word is buried deep within you, after you have spent time meditating on the scripture, and applying it to your current situation. There is assurance that the scripture will come back to you in the hour you need it,  There’s no crisis, or any individual who can take it out of your spirit. So it’s critical that we keep on reading God’s Word, applying it to our lives everyday through early morning meditation. Get it buried deep down into your spirit. 

When those evil days come, not if those evil days come  – we can find grace to help in the time of need. The Word of God is quick and powerful cutting out the wickedness of our sinful souls. Reading the Bible gives you strength when you feel weak. Just like when you take your multi vitamins on mornings, do you know if it’s working when you first pop it into your mouth? No, but taking it consistently, you begin to feel the results. Reading the Bible works, even if it doesn’t feel like it’s working. Keep on reading, and eventually, you will see life in a more positive way. Not one word of God returns to Him void. If you have never picked up a Bible, now is the time to pick it up and read. For when those evil days come, you know where to find your anchor. 

The evil days that are ahead of us – your money; your careers; your position in society; your last name; or your circle of friends, cannot save you from disappointments; sickness; and death.We all have to face whatever comes our way alone. In those times, the Word of God is what’s going to sustain and keep us in peace. 

It’s for our benefit that we get secured in God’s Word, and learn His promises. We may not remember everything we have read, BUT one thing we can be assured of – ‘we have spent time feeding on His Word.’ It’s buried inside of us. Our soul is daily restored because of the Word. 

It’s a beautiful and calming feeling to serve the Lord. It’s all about the inner peace that you can only find buried within the pages of your Bible. We are loved by God, and we are His chosen children. We are safe. We are blessed. We are happy. We are never alone because we have His Word hidden within us. The Word will come back to you when you need it. So keep on reading and meditating inspite of your memory, because you are confident that it’s buried somewhere inside of you.

We will hide God’s word in our heart that we will not sin against Him.

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