A Very Sad Night in America

It’s another sad day in America’s history, As I watched the US 2016 Presidential Elections Debate last night, I was appalled at the immaturity, disgraceful , and deplorable behaviour of Donald Trump. My spirit IS, NOT WAS,  but IS enormously troubled once again. I watched on in horror and disbelief to the most disturbing presidential debate in the entire world. 

I am compelled to write another blog in one day. This is second one. I needed to have it recorded for my future generations of sons and daughters. I need to express my disgust, fury and rage at what I witnessed during this unprecedented debate. I’m not an American, so I’ve no affiliation to either party. But, I’m a WOMAN. I will not voice my opinion on the political topics, but only on Donald Trump’s diabolical views of women. His lunatic behaviour towards women initiated me writing a fury of blogs this week after watching his Access Hollywood sex video.  My blogs touched on Sexual, Physical, Emotional, and Mental Abuse which elevates to Domestic Violence against women. 

I was once again infuriated at his comment to the nominee for the Democratic Party for President of the United States of America – Mrs. Hillary Clinton. He leaned directly into the microphone and proceeded to call her a “nasty woman.”  I am completely lost for words to describe this inkling of a man who claims he’s a wealthy billionaire. This proves the meaning of the term, “Money corrupts good manners.” He personifies this term. He’s the poster CHILD for displaying bad childish tantrums while running for the highest office in America. I AM APPALLED‼️

How low can one manchild go? Extremely low is my response. Donald Trump’s behaviour is a great teaching point on ‘What NOT to do when you are on the world’s stage.”  Just because he hates losing, doesn’t mean his behaviour is acceptable. Like President Obama graciously advised him a day before  – “Stop the whining.” His insecurities are responsible for all his crazy outburst, but it remains UNACCEPTABLE! 

As a woman, I can’t force anyone to show me respect, but I have the right to refuse to be disrespected. Women, it’s easy to detect if someone respects you. If they show remorse for hurting your feelings, and they TRY to make it right – then, he’s a keeper. If he DOESN’T – then immediately get rid of him. You will know if you have earned their respect – when they have acknowledged their mistakes, and this goes vice-versa. If you don’t know your worth, you will settle for anything including disrespect. Refuse to make yourself small to keep them happy. 

Ladies: The way people (women and men) view you, says a lot about how they view you. Set boundaries so no one will overstep it.. Don’t cry about their negative behavior with you, and you keep going back to them. Ask yourself why? Then, look in the mirror and ask yourself, why do you allow it? 

I will end my rant by saying, “Show respect. Give respect. Demand respect.” Your parents paid a high price to educate you, so you could read this blog. STEP UP YOUR GAME NOW ‼️

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