Get Rid of Junk

The very first thing you must do if you are not happy with your life is to, “Get Rid Of Junk”. It’s amazing how quickly you accumulate junk in your homes, in your kitchen, in your closets, in the garage, and even in your car. 

There are people who live all their lives as hoarders. I’ve watched TV shows highlighting people who are hoarders, and it’s scary to see how much junk they accumulate over a lifetime, yet, no one can convince them that it’s junk. They love it, and they are traumatized if they are told to clean up the mess. I’ve seen men and women who sadly end up being alone because of their addiction to junk. 

When you look into people’s faces who have gradually become hoarders of junk, they never look happy even among their ‘cherished’ possessions of junk. Hoarders are the most miserable people. They cannot be happy because their minds also have become cluttered. 

Now, let’s put a spin on folks who have become addicted to junk. What about normal, level headed  people like you and I? Do you know that we are 100% guilty of hoarding hurts, pain, unforgiveness, bitterness, rejection, and other similar emotions. Unfortunately, we too have become comfortable and at ease living with our junk. 

We are dangerous to ourselves and to others if we refuse to clean up our junk. People get hurt from our junk, and important relationships can become a challenge to maintain as our unhealthy emotions affect our good judgement. There’s never a win solution to hoarding junk. 

When you are unhappy, you become unhealthy. It will also become more difficult to get back on track as there’s a great possibility of depression stepping in. What a waste of a life if we refuse to get rid of MENTAL and EMOTIONAL junk. Consider for one moment, “Why am I holding on to my junk?” Some of the folks you’re still angry at, may have actually passed away a long time ago. Others may have forgotten what wrong thing they have done you, or maybe it was an embarrassing comment spoken about you, or maybe something as trivial as someone innocently passing you by. So, can any good thing come out of you hoarding your junk? 

It’s in our best interest to throw off unnecessary junk as they come. Get rid of negative thoughts as they come – say ‘NO’ to keeping accurately recorded journals of people who have wronged you. If folks annoy you, hurt you, rejected you – you are NOT tied or obligated to keeping them in your life. Hating others hold you in bondage….Do yourself a favor, and politely excuse yourself from the years of negative service to them. It’s time to get rid of unwanted feelings, negative people, and clutter or junk in your mind. You owe it to yourself to be 100% happy. Ask yourself, “If not today, then when? “

Adopt a new positive approach to living your life to the fullest. When you recognize you are no longer fulfilled and happy in life, challenge yourself to find new ways to be happy. Remember my blog on, “She will laugh at her days to come”.  If you haven’t read it or you forgot the storyline, go back and read it. It’s worth a read. There are seasons in your life, don’t get stuck in past seasons. It’s gone, so give it closure and bury it. 

Prayer: Father, teach us to number our days that we may apply wisdom to them. Lord, sometimes it difficult to move past our hurts and memories, but when we are weak, then Your strength becomes strong in us.

There are stuff we need to move past, so we will totally rely on You – to strengthen us to put closure to them.

God, give us wisdom to move forward to our destiny, and to become channels of grace to those who are hurting.

We call forth greatness, and doors that were once closed to be opened up to us, In Jesus Name. We ask that You will send the right persons into our lives that will birth harmony and a new outpouring  of incredible favor, to fulfill our destiny.

We choose NOT look back, but we’re moving ahead with You. The life’s experiences we endured will be used for motivating others to declutter their minds. Our later years WILL be better than our former years.  Moving on to a greater calling of Purpose. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Isaiah 61:3 ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿพ

5 thoughts on “Get Rid of Junk

  1. Praise GOD for this word that stirs us to self-reflection and on to actions of decluttering and letting go. GOD is good and faithful and HE will impart HIS strength and wisdom and equip us to do it!
    Blessings, Junie, as you sow, may you reap. ๐Ÿ’


  2. Words of wisdom, I have been much happier when I started dumping my junk. You achieve piece of mind by ridding yourself of the junk.


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