On watch for our children -Pornography IS ADDICTIVE ðŸŽ­

Growing up in the 50’s there were many topics that were considered taboo of which  our parents and grandparents were extremely secretive and silent. Topics dealing with the human body, sex, hormones changes, and such like were pretty much perceived to be off limit and ‘taboo related’. We grew up with zero information about simply facts of life. It’s either our parents did not know how to introduce the topics, or they themselves grew up with even less information. 

Now things are a lot different. It appears like no child is too young to introduce the conversation.  Kids are forced to grow up quickly because of the world we live in. It’s necessary for parents, and the villagers to expose the young ones to topics such as: inappropriate touching and being cautious of speaking with strangers. As they grow older, the topics change to drugs and other undesirable ones. You need to empower your kids to say ‘no’ to anything they may feel uncomfortable about, without making any reasons or excuses.   

My oldest grandchild will be 14 years old in a few weeks. He’s totally blessed to have his both parents active in his life. He also has a younger brother who’s very vocal with his own opinions of life as he attentively listen to conversations between his older brother and their parents. It’s like a two in one combo as both boys are learning the facts of life at the same time. 

There’s a village of extended family of both sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles who are actively involved in raising these boys. Whenever I have the opportunity to share with my oldest grandchild I remind him that’s important for him to be a role model to my other five grandkids. Training kids these days to listen to their inner voice – will assist them to make the best decision if or when they are confronted with evil. 

There’s so much evil of all kinds rapidly increasing in nature as our kids are forced to grow up quickly. It’s a sex driven generation whether consensual or not. The discussion and information given to our children are forced to be mature in nature and parents and villagers need to be hands on. The internet has made evil enter into our homes by a simple click of a button on their personal devices or computer. 

Pornography is on the rise because it’s easily accessible through the internet. My blog today is MY personal views to be used ONLY as a TEASPOON of a ‘Grandma’s homemade medicine’. 

It’s horrifying and very sad that the average age now for a child to view pornograhy is 11 years old. Porn is easily made available by a simple click of a button on a laptop. Grade 7/8 students are now mandated to own their personal laptops for school.

This further adds to the dilemma of trying to protect our kids. They are left unsupervised for many hours. We do need to teach them to be responsible, to do what’s right, and to hand in their assignments before the due date. Most of the time our children spend on the computer is done in the confinement of their bedrooms. 

So, one parent may argue that they have purchased security software to block unwanted websites, but what about your kids and their friends if they are working on a school project together? You are correct in saying you are not their parents, but your kids are indirectly influenced by their peers. No longer can a caring parent brag about having confidence in their children choices. Sin is enticing and no one can escape it without maturity, self will, and discipline. Evil enticements keep on knocking on the doors of our innocent young kids. 

The difference between my generation and my grandkids generation is the internet.

Parents must become increasingly diligent in overseeing, and making themselves more visible in their children’s lives. There’s power in families that pray together which help to create a solid foundation. Our homes can become a ‘no fly zone’ to the evil plans of the enemies when families pray together. If you want to maximize your efforts to protect your kids in their stages of life, you must be more deliberate in building a pray circle into the relationships with your children. 

It’s important to create an atmosphere in the home where kids love to be home, and not run over to Johnny’s home. What you teach your kids at home will stay with them if you continue to work towards building a healthy relationship with them. It’s the quality of time you invest in your kids that will produce healthy adults. 

Parents today love the idea of giving their children uncontrolled freedom to go to the movies with friends, run off to the park with an agreement that they come home before it gets dark, and go to the mall simply to hang out with their friends. Parents are more lenient with their kids than when they themselves were growing up. It’s almost like a willful defiance against how they were bought up. The scariest part of parents allowing  children to become independent at an earlier age, is the fact that our children become exposed to stuff that can hurt them. 

We know that porn has everything to do with being preoccupied with sex and sexual desires. It has to do with looking at sexual images to create sexual pleasures. Innocent young teenagers especially boys are curiously drawn to it because those who have already been exposed – excitingly encourage your kids to take one peek. 

Our kids are held hostage by simply taking one peek. It’s difficult to resist the urge to see one nude picture of a woman, and not want to see more. Before long our innocent children have become addicted to watching Porn. Retaining or storing the viewed explicit and harmful images in their vulnerable minds makes them want to re-live the moment over and over again, because it feels good. They have been sexually exposed causing an arousal each time. It’s the new drug. Our goal is to raise our children in the most healthy way that we can. Hoping they will never have to recover from evil addicted childhood memories. 

When kids are told they can’t watch a questionable movie, guess what?  They go to their friends home and the parents are at work – Netflix becomes their entertainment. Parents are working longer and longer hours and an unsupervised child can get into more danger zones than any parent can fix.
Pornography hurts everyone in the family, and to a greater extent the actors on the screen. Many of them have been forced into becoming slaves in the porn industry. They act out their roles through great pain. They take hardcore drugs to perform. They only get a portion of what is due to them, holding them hostage for life. They too belong to a family that’s hurting as their parents and other family members see the lifestyles that they have chosen. Everyone is hurt by pornography because it’s addictive and destructive both to the viewers and actors.

Spiritually, Porn cuts off one’s relationship with God. Without God, there’s no conscience or acknowledgement of sin. It’s difficult to be set free from pornography. It’s an evil and enticing spirit that drives a person as young as 11 years old to commit rape. It’s a lustful spirit that has a selfish need to be sexually satisfied.

Your kids need you. Your kids need the village of extended family in their lives. It take one village to raise one child. God needs you to become accountable for the lives He’s entrusted into your care. Your kids expects boundaries set by their parents even if they will challenge the set boundaries. Keeping up with your friends mode of living and giving your kids the freedom and independence that they give to their kids, will cost you. 

Putting God first, family time after, and teaching high morals is the ideal combination to having a successful family life. Some kids escape falling over the cliff, others are not that fortunate. 

I close with two recent stories just within the last four days taken off the internet that will help to drive home my points. Story #1 is an 11 year old boy believed to be Britain’s youngest rapist, he admitted to abusing his 9 year old sister. I didn’t post the story in its entirety, but you can search for it on the internet. I cannot explain to you in words how many pieces my heart broke into. Story #2 was aired on Live TV that took place right here in Toronto. It’s a 13 year old boy facing three charges in sexual assaults in the Don Valley Village. His victims’ ages were 20 years, 37 years, and 18 years.  Again, this story along with many like these can be viewed on the internet. 

I trust I was able to provoke an interest to both parents and extended family members to become active overseers of the innocent boys and girls that God has graciously entrusted into our hands. 

2 thoughts on “On watch for our children -Pornography IS ADDICTIVE ðŸŽ­

  1. Lots to ponder and pray about. O GOD, preserve our children and grandchildren from ALL evil.
    Thank you, Junie, for reminding us of our solemn responsibility to stand in the gap for our offspring.
    Blessings! 👭 💖


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