Life’s Nuggets 

My dearly beloved,

Brokenness is part of life’s journey. It’s painful, but God gives you the strength you need to keep going. You will rebound from the effects of brokenness, and the very thing that created your vulnerability will be the very same thing that will make you laugh at in the days to come. God uses every thing that we will face in life. It becomes our Trophy of unmerited Grace. Trust in God’s plans for your life and don’t be distracted by your current pain. Our best chapters are written out of our brokenness. 

Failure creates anger and disappointment. But, the real truth about failure is that we can learn more from our failure than our success. Failure is a learning curb that should inspire us, and not destroy our lives. We may fall seven times, but it’s important that we don’t stop trying. Failure doesn’t mean the task at hand is over, it simply means we have learnt what not to do. 

Guilt is destructive. No amount of guilt can change whatever happened. If guilt isn’t handled wisely, it has the potential to ruin your dreams, it’s a definite show stopper. Guilt is a distraction to keep you at the very place of your most painful memories. Guilt has a destructive way of replaying your mistakes. Don’t park at the ‘Guilt Intersection’, the memories of guilt can be very intimidating if you linger too long at the intersection. Ask God to forgive you, and to help you move past your mistakes. 

Disappointment is God’s way of saying, “No, not this exit, and not with this driver. I’m going to reroute you. Trust my process. Don’t be intimidated by the views ahead. I’m changing direction so you can accomplish greater purpose in your life. I’m giving you opportunities to meet other people who have given up on life because of the disappointments they have faced. All roads eventually leads to Me. I’ve got you.” 

Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure everything out. It’s normal to feel anxious when we experience fear. But, when things are out of control in our lives, it’s a great time to witness God’s power at the very best because He’s always in control. Regardless of what the medical report says, or what the financial situation looks like, or the people that are coming against you ….God says, don’t be anxious. It’s our thoughts that create these negative and stressful situations. God doesn’t want us to take any thought of tomorrow, because tomorrow usually takes care of itself. In quietness and confidence God is our strength.   

Success has nothing to do about how much money  you earned in your first year or after. Success is when we stand before God at the end of our lives, and say, I have accomplished everything that God expected of me. Success is taking one more step on the days you felt like quitting. It’s loving the person you have become without waiting for the applause of others. When you fight a battle that nobody knows about, and you get up, dress up, and refuse to give up, that’s success waking through the door to face the world. You are incredible, you are smart, you are an inspiration because God designed it that way. No man gets the glory. Success is never being ashamed of your story because you know that it will inspire others. Success as God sees it, brings eternal value in this life and in the life to come.

Relationships must inspire you to become a more beautiful you without the competition or jealousy factors. Great relationships can be found in those who will hold your hands and walk along with you. They will not walk behind you or in front of you. They are the people who are secured enough to stay with you during your learning curbs. Relationships are important, therefore being faithful and trustworthy should NOT be taken lightly. Great relationships aren’t great because they have no problems, it’s great because people stick together to make it work. 

Faith isn’t a feeling. It’s a determination to believe in God even when everything seems so uncertain. Faith is believing in God no matter how things turn out. Your relationship with God is more valuable than the answer to your prayers, because God’s delay is not always a denial. Faith is a choice we make – not because our parents told us, but because we have experienced His goodness and mercy in our lives. Faith says, I’m not going without God’s leading. It’s being confident that God has not forgotten you. 

At the end of life, we will stand before God and give an account of our life spent on earth. So, remember to hold fast to your faith in God as a guiding light, using your talents and giftings to empower others leaving them better than you met them. 

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