I’m pleased to introduce my guest writer for my blog today. Her name is Tricia Wright. She’s my second daughter who also has the gift of writing. I am looking forward to reading her blog the same time as you. It’s called STRESS! 🤔🤔 You train them up in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it. Trish is married to Rob Wright and they have two wonderful boys. Thanks Trish and God bless you.

It’s one of ‘those’ word that some of us use all too frequently. It’s probably even something that we feel more so in the light of our current world events.

Rick Warren said “I believe the single greatest cause of stress is this: We take ourselves too seriously and we don’t take God seriously enough.” When I first read that I had a little chuckle…because it’s true isn’t it?

When we’re stressed it’s because we are concerned about our ability to respond to the challenge, worry, concern at hand. But the truth is that it’s not our challenge, worry or concern to respond to. It truly isn’t.

Let’s take a look at Luke 12: 7 NLT And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.” For years, I thought that simply meant that God knows how many strands of hair are on my head. Which, in itself, is an admirable skill…but come on He’s God.

Do me a favour and re-read that bolded verse above. Read it? Now what do you think it means?

If you still think that it means that God knows the total number of hairs on our head…cool. As I said it’s downright amazing if that’s what you take away from it, it still reinforces how much He’s got you!

Here’s what I read: I read that each strand of hair on my head is numbered.

Numbered. As in individually numbered.

Numbered. As in when I comb by hair in the morning and what feels and looks like 1,000 strands in my comb…God knows the exact number of each strand that fell out.

Track with me for a bit longer.

It’s not only that He knows that I lost 1,000 strands of hair. But He knows that strand number 34,5789, strand number 2, strand number 55, strand number 8,790, etc is in my comb. Got that?

And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.” Luke 12:7 NLT

Tell me that a God who has each of the hairs on your head individually numbered shouldn’t be taken seriously. He’s totally got His act together. Like He most definitely remembered what I had for breakfast this morning…I on the other hand…man…I’m struggling to remember.

If He’s got the minutiae of my makeup covered like that, who am I to think that I can solve or fix anything on my own?

I just round up the total number of strands that I see in my comb. “Yeah Rob…think I lost about 150 strands today”. But God’s got them all numbered. Look…He’s not playing when it comes to me…or you. He means business!

He’s the highest standard there is and He’s in our corner. Actually scratch that. Nobody puts Jesus in a corner. And to top it off, He’s given us a full book (The Bible) of promises that we can claim over any situation in our lives that can potentially cause us stress.

Personally, although I know there are many, many promises in the Bible…I can live with Psalm 91 all day, everyday (thanks Mom for making us memorize it when we were younger). Psalm 91…is LIFE I tell you!

When I read Psalm 91 I feel invincible. I feel like God and I are like Batman and Robin…He’s Batman of course…I’m Robin. He does all the work…I just get to say that I know Him.

Do me a favour…read Psalm 91 from The Message translation and don’t tell me that you’re stressed…read the promises…He throws you a party in the end.

Now excuse me while I go get my cape from the dryer 🙂


10 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Trish, you have made me so proud to be called your Mommy. Thank you for accepting my invitation to be my guest blogger for today. I’m pleased with your trend of thought, and look forward to more of your contributions 🤗


  2. Quite a well-written, encouraging word! What a refreshing way to remind myself how much GOD knows and cares about me. Thank you, Trish, for your insightful word and thank you, Junie, for sharing your daughter’s wisdom with us. 💝Blessings!


  3. Thanks Tricia for reminding me of the love of God. Thanks June for allowing Tricia to share this can reach a lot of the younger generation. You know I am putting this up on Facebook.


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