There’s a Difference between Being Alone vs Loneliness 



Community Life: I’m certain that every one of us during the course of our lives have done good deeds numerous times: to encourage, inspire, and to motivate countless individuals whose lives were affected by unforeseen circumstances. We meet people every day from all walks of life with varied experiences …some of them just simply need a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to hold, or someone to run an errand for them, or just having a trusted and loyal friend.

 Life takes a toll on everyone, and no man was ever created to be an island. We help each other overcome difficult situations. We support and lend our strength to those whose lives have been battered and torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. We as humans were born into communities/villages with varied strengths and weaknesses. We fight for each other, we fight with each other, we comfort and support each other -we are neighbors, we are friends, we are the mothers, the fathers, and the older generation. We are the citizens of our little world. 

God orchestrated our lives to live in communities where we can lean on each other for strength and encouragement. We as human beings were created to be social beings that connect with each other for sparks of happiness. 

Loneliness is your worst enemy: A lonely person is a sad person. Material things don’t bring permanent  joy to a lonely heart as a human being could…living in a beautiful large house, or driving an expensive car could no way be compared with having people around you to enjoy life. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges when they are hurt. Lonely people are people who go into hiding because of the pressures of life; problems; difficult people or sad times etc. 

Loneliness is an escape from the reality of life. A lonely person makes it difficult for someone to reach out to help him because she or he has closed the doors to the outside world. Sometimes pain changes people for the worse – it makes them trust people less, they overthink EVERYTHING more, and eventually shut EVERYONE out. Loneliness affects your health and brings on depression.

It’s time to – Step out of Loneliness: Ask God for His help. Ask for help from someone you trust. Set up an appointment with a Christian counselor. Stop thinking excessively about yourself. Show yourself as being friendly. Go to church. Volunteer. Visit and encourage someone. Connect with family members. Love people unconditionally. 

Being Alone: There are times when you may choose to be alone – but, not lonely. I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone from the crowded rooms and places we go. It’s easy to go with the flow and the crowd, but it takes courage to stand alone. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, it means that you’re strong enough to be alone. As I get older I appreciate my alone/quiet time, and I’m okay being alone. In the stillness I can hear my inner voice. I can pray loudly anytime to God. I can sing at three o’clock in the morning, and no one is disturbed. I’m not interrupted by voices all around me when I find myself in deep thought. When I’m alone by choice it’s the ONLY time I get to be kind to myself. 

Shhh…it’s MY Little SECRET: I know I’m loved by my husband, children, grandkids, siblings etc – I grew up in a large family as a child. My immediate family is also significantly large. So, you can understand why I sometimes enjoy and appreciate spending time alone. 

Pause and Reflect:

  1. Do you know that you can find yourself actively participating with a large company of friends at a party, or celebration, or at a work event and still be lonely? 
  2. Do you know that it can be dangerous for a person who suffers from loneliness to be alone?
  3. Do you know it’s okay to be alone SOMETIMES?

It’s important you take time to reflect based  on the season you are in, and make the best decision with YOU in mind. Only you can determine your happy zone.

Every season, experience, stage, and phase I’ve been through was perfect for my growth and development. 

Being alone is different from Loneliness. Loneliness is unhealthy and selfish. Being alone allows you time to be refreshed and to be kind yourself. 

In reality, a Christian is never alone. God’s eyes are always on us and His ears are always open to our cry. He keeps watch over you and I Day and Night. We are the apple of His eye. God is with us wherever we may go. 

Choose wisely when you find yourself either alone or faced with loneliness. There’s a difference, it’s not the same. We have always to strive to be great examples for those who are watching us. 

7 thoughts on “There’s a Difference between Being Alone vs Loneliness 

  1. I feel blessed to have the choice to be alone and never to be lonely. I am blessed to have you as part of my social network and I am inspired to become more aware of others who may be lonely, whether or not they are alone. I can make a difference in someone else’s day/life.


  2. We do have the confidence that God promised to be with us always. He is also a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
    We can never be lonely.
    Very accurate inspiration.


  3. This is one of those intriguing differences. I’d rather be alone than lonely. I have been reading Four Seasons of Loneliness by J.W Freiberg and he profiles four people that live lives in isolation and their stories are compelling looks into living with loneliness.


    1. Few people have the choice of choosing to be alone vs living in loneliness. Unfortunately, a greater population of people do not have the option – they have been cornered into loneliness by unfortunate situations and lack of support. We must continue to show compassion and empathy to those who live in isolation. Believing God to be the great healer in all who are seeking recovery from the dark world of loneliness.


  4. Reblogged this on Amazing Grace and commented:

    If we unite, nobody falls. There’s a difference between being alone vs loneliness. Loneliness is unhealthy, it leads to depression. Being alone alllows you to be refreshed and kind to yourself.


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