Gratitude Still Rocks 

In today’s society many kids have inherited a spirit of entitlement brought on by well intended loving parents, who have strategically planned the size of the family they have in mind. The couples have intelligently waited before bringing kids into the mix. They both have discussed ways to make life as ‘perfect’ as it can be for their ‘perfect little bundles of happiness.’

I have creatively chosen the names for the members of the families to bring home my point.  A large family these days consists of four persons: Daddy, Mommy, Prince, and Princess. A small family is three persons: Daddy, Mommy, and Lil King/MyQueen. Then you have the Career-Oriented Woman’s family unit where there’s only two family members: Mommy, and It’s All About Me.

These families usually live in the suburbs known as:

  • “Do you know who my parents are?”

Outdoor Activities are not available.

  • It’s given over to sleepovers, movie nights with their peers, and spa or arcade games
  • Children who are not inclined to playing dress up, dolls, tea parties with friends, skipping, arts activities, baking, etc …are bragged about by their parents who see it as a positive step into the next advanced stage. Parents may say,she’s three going on 30,  and they have convinced themselves that’s a good thing. Why? I will leave that unanswered. 

They go to school at:

  •  Let’s see who’s parents are the first to purchase them the latest gadget.”

Extra Curriculum Activities are paid for by parents, and kids are allowed to choose their preferences from the list below:

  • Speed driving
  • Breaking the curfew and getting away with it
  • Respect for your elders is not applicable today, as living in the suburbs don’t cater for extended family who they only get to see once a year 
  • Speak up if you disagree with anything the teachers say. It’s not considered as being disrespectful 
  • Use your phone to record things that interest you regardless of the contents
  • Your parents prefer no battles, they are exhausted – so find a way to purposefully create one so you can have your own way 
  • You can be happy at any cost to your parents because money is not a problem 
  • Throw a tantrum and they will give in to you. They’ve got bigger issues to deal with
  • It’s your parents duties to remind you of the important things every single morning 
  • Smoking is dangerous to your health, but Daddy and Mommy are doing it, just be careful 

Unfortunately, as ridiculous as some of my contents may sound, these are the extremes that are tolerated in our society today. Kids no longer are taught about gratitude and empathy in the homes. They think the world revolves around them, and they demand more and more with a high monetary price tag as parents continue to feed their appetite – thinking it’s all about loving their precious child/ren. If these kids do not make the basketball teams or the cheerleading teams, parents become public advocates for their children seeking answers from the coaches. These parents have not taken the time to consider if this wasn’t a perfect opportunity to teach their children how to cope/handle disappointments. 

Parenting 101: 

  • Kids need love and your undivided attention. They DO NOT need more material stuff including gadgets. They need YOU!!!
  • Teaching them responsibilities in the home are great learning tools for life, and will also teach them to be grateful for the stuff they have accumulated over the years 
  • Get tough on them by simply refusing to rush around to rescue them from forgetting important things related to school or anything else 
  • Teach kids to be grateful in every way and for every thing
  • Refuse to give in to every new fad of clothing or gadget 
  • Dinner time requires everyone’s input. Regardless of their ages, everyone can bring something to the table 
  • Prayer at meals is a simply act where we pause and give thanks to God 
  • Kids drop offs to their social events, school, or church activities requires an acknowledgment of gratitude 

No one from Presidents to Pauper; Parents to Children; Husbands to Wives – CANNOT be HAPPY or SUCCESSFUL without a Spirit of GRATITUDE. 

Quote of the day: Gratitude begins where entitlement ends. 

May we teach them, and may we become better citizens in society by becoming increasingly grateful. 

7 thoughts on “Gratitude Still Rocks 

  1. An important lesson of unending relevance. It always is a good thing to give thanks.
    Thank you, Junie, for taking the time to share your thoughts. Blessings! 💕


  2. Reblogged this on Amazing Grace and commented:

    Gratitude begins where entitlement ends. Reblogging my past posts until my official start up date on January 9. I encourage you to leave comments and let me know if you are enjoying reading my blogs.


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