Game Changer – Wake up Your Dormant Power – It’s Late ⌛️

One day you will wake up and realize there’s more to the mundane things that you do everyday. I remember very vividly when I was home alone and suddenly came to the realization that there was definitely more to my life. There was no way – I was born to do the same thing every day, and just die. After all, God fed the children of Israel fresh manna every day, and they were warned not to take more than they could eat on that day. But yet, every day they were fed with new food from heaven. In other words – God equips all of us with great potential and purpose to last us a lifetime. We were created to be Game Changers as our life evolves into something new every season.

Opening Question: 

Do you have a personality that’s makes you:

  • uncomfortably insecure in relationships 
  • way too sensitive when dealing with some who is bold and aggressive 
  • extremely shy if you are called out
  • always apologizing for fear that you may have hurt or offended someone
  • always looking for people’s approvals to validate who you are
  • feeling the need to explain your choices 

🎤 Breaking News: Everything above was ‘ME’ .

If your response is ‘yes’, chances are, like me – you grew up socially weak and terrified of making independent decisions fearing failure. This can lead to profound anxiety , unable to find your true indentity, self worth, and God-given potential. 

There would have been countless occasions during your lifetime when your opinions were not valued or they were stifled because you lacked boldness and confidence. Today marks the 341 day of the year, with a remaining 26 days in 2016. It’s time to change your game. 

Today, I want to encourage ALL of us to become a Game Changer, waking up our dormant God-given power with a loud shout of VICTORY. There’s always a greater ‘silent’ purpose buried within you until you leave this earth. God is not a boring God that allows any of us to finish our race – leaving us either insecure, contented , or failing to recover EVERYTHING in store for you and I. 

It’s your time to wake up the dormant power that’s gone silent through lack of use, and become a Game Changer. 

To those who grew up shy, intimated and fearful of the crowd – it’s time to change your game. 

A Game Changer is one who has that aha-moment where you visualize ways to recover what was lost in the fire. That aha-moment creates an excitement in you energizing you to enlighten others with the hope to create a spark that will set others on trail to fulfilling their destiny. 

The game changes when you are fed up of being unhappy with the way others treat you, or you’re bored and unfulfilled. When that happens – look up and see God. Tell Him what you want – and when God answers to your selfless prayer because you’re now seeking Kingdom Purposes – suddenly you feel empowered to snatch back your God given power after living only to please unhappy, difficult and selfish people.

When you recover your power, you don’t rely or seek other people’s approval. You can confidently walk away from anything that has the potential to create unwanted drama or negativity. Never fearing the opinions of your past relationships. 

You are now empowered to live your life with your own God-given purpose and destiny…stepping fiercely into 2017. You’re not easily intimidated or fearful because you are way too focused on building your life’s goals. You no longer have to look for excuses or reasons if you don’t feel like going back into your submissive ways just to keep selfish, unhappy people -happy. It’s an impossible task anyway. 

Once you realize your God-given potential – there’s no stopping you. 

Don’t be afraid of mistakes – they are actually your best teachers. No mistakes – Nothing learnt. 

Confidence is not if people like you – Confidence is being okay if they don’t. 

Take your power back. People who are looking on – are so confused trying to become happy with themselves, that one day – they will like you, and the next day – one thing is said, and it lights a fire setting you both on fire 🔥.

There comes a time when you must confess that you’re way too mature to be on the same page at all times. If they like you, they will be there today, tomorrow, and next year. If they don’t- it’s a clear road ahead to achieve your purpose without the approval of others. 

Two persons never write the same chapters. Our stories have different chapters with different characters – but it is highly possible to have the same amazing ending if Jesus is the Author. 

7 thoughts on “Game Changer – Wake up Your Dormant Power – It’s Late ⌛️

    1. Welcome my friend. God is good. You made it online 💃🏾💃🏾 Thank you for leaving a comment. You made me so happy. If people knew your story, Heaven will be throwing a huge party. Stay strong and come back again 🤗🤗


  1. Reblogged this on Amazing Grace and commented:

    Reblogging my 2016 blogs until January 9, 2017.
    When you discover or recover your power – you don’t rely or seek other people’s approval. I was that type of girl who was easily and willlfully overlooked by others until I stepped up my game.
    Confidence is not if people like me. Confidence is – I’m still okay if they don’t.


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