Have You Considered The Full Cost? 

I trust my blog today will inspire each of us to pause and do an evaluation on the phrase we randomly use everyday  -“I Love You”. Have we ever stop to consider if we are emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared to pay the price of true love. 

Think about it…Yes, true love is definitely not cheap. True love comes with a high price. 

  • When two young people come together and say to each other – I love you and then one person runs off and cheats on the other person? Then, who pays the “I Love You” bill? The wounded person is left to pay. The other person had abandoned the ship of love
  • Two ‘adults’ are in love with each other. Woman gets impregnated – man disappears out of her life and the unborn baby. Who pays for the cost of the words shared equally among them? Wounded woman and the unborn baby 
  • A child says, I love you Mom. Then turns around like a spoilt brat and disrespects her Mom. Who is left with the ‘I love you Mom’ bill? Mommy 

So what’s  the price of Love? Loyalty, selflessness, commitment, devotion, quality time, gifts, affirmation, service to each other, physical touch, and anything else that expresses to your loved ones that they are your primary concern. The chart below is worth reviewing if you think that you have honestly found the love of your life – husband to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend, parents to children, children to parents, any relationship that’s worth fighting for. But remember, TRUE LOVE cost. It’s NOT cheap, so don’t go shopping if you can’t afford to pay. 

A few hours ago, I began reading an online article from CNN that captured my interest, and here I am blogging about it.

The headline read “Man weds fiancée hours before succumbing to cancer.” Here’s a synopsis of the article: 

  • Last Friday the hospital chaplain asked Raul for his final wish. His response, “I want to marry her.” 
  • Chaplain response, “Let’s do it.”
  • The couple had been together for 11 years. She had three daughters from a previous marriage, and together they had one child. 
  • Soon to be wife spoke in glowing terms of the love and romance they shared and how respectful he was to her. 
  • He always wanted to give her the best fairytale wedding but their finances weren’t the greatest
  • He was diagnosed with leukemia and so their dream wedding looked impossible 
  • Within a couple of hours, the family and staff hurried to put the wedding together 
  • The director of the critical care unit – who never wears a coat and tie to work….had gone to his daughter’s Christmas program, and went directly to the hospital dressed in his suit. 
  • Doctor excitedly gave his suit to Raul to wear. His soon to be bride got a dress bought by relatives 
  • Cooks in the hospital baked a wedding cake
  • Nursing staff lined up outside his hospital room, bride’s father tearfully walked her down a makeshift aisle 
  • Bride became emotional seeing him in a suit 
  • When his illness was diagnosed- she promised that she would NEVER leave him. She promised that they would DO THIS TOGETHER re his illness 
  • Together they recited the vows, and became husband and wife
  • HE WAS 33, and just 36 HOURS later after their wedding – he passed away from leukemia 
  • When she signed her husband’s death certificate, it was the first time she had signed her married name

True Love cost: 

  • Raul knew physically – he wasn’t going to last another day, but needed to seal his love
  • He knew he couldn’t provide for her after he took her as his wife
  • He must have painfully watch on at the emotions of those gather around including his new wife and their children 
  • He only wanted to give her the legal rights to becoming his wife for the years they were together 
  • His physical body may have been racked with pain, but in his heart – he knew he was doing the right thing
  • It must have cost him – his manhood, his pride, his dignity, and a million other things – but his expression of love for his new bride was worth everything 

Love cost from the Bride’s perspective:

  • Knowing the love of her life was on his final hours ….she had to put aside her physical and emotional needs to meet his dying needs 
  • Saying, I do, and promising to love and cherish knowing fully aware that the future looks dim – is a huge price for a young bride with children 
  • Her promise to be with him and to do life together after being diagnosed with leukemia- is priceless 
  • Signing her newly married name for the first time on his death certificate – well you know by any means this is beyond priceless 

The true cost of real L❤️VE is priceless. Love goes beyond our own selfish needs. Love is not about you BUT it’s ALL about the other person. Love is about making the other person happy even if you know the train is coming to a halt. Love is knowing you made someone happy in the midst of their pain. Love doesn’t count hours but seconds spent together. 

Question: If you and I were faced with this predicament: 

A. Would we have gone through with the wedding? 

B. If our thoughts were played on a public jumbo screen, would we be comfortable looking on at our thoughts on open display?

C. Would you be angry that your ‘big day’ … every woman dreams about – only lasted for 36 hours because of cancer or any other unforeseen circumstances ? 

D. Will you be at peace with yourself that you honored the last wish of the love of your life?

I trust my blog today will cause us to pause and consider the true cost of L❤️VE. May each of us refuse to casually say, I love you without first considering the full cost. 

Random Thought – There should be a contract signed between people who say, I love you  – ALL Payments MUST be mentally and emotionally paid in FULL before using the phrase. Penalty – Put to public shame for abandoning someone’s daughter or son. The offender must be put under emotional arrest from loving anyone for 25 years. Must attend classes, to obtain a degree in The Five Languages of Love. 

6 thoughts on “Have You Considered The Full Cost? 

  1. Thank you, Junie for this sobering reflection on the true cost of love. Thankful that JESUS demonstrated HIS love for us, in that, while we were yet sinners, HE died for us. Celebrating Christmas – the original love story. 💝


  2. A very reflective blog. God however is our example in demonstrating true love and He is the one who can really help us to achieve and share that depth of demonstrable love.

    Keep on writing.


  3. I never understood what true love is until I became a Christian. God has demonstrated to us what is true love by using Jesus Christ is only son as an example.

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    Please continue to share your love through sacrificing your time and energy every morning. Writing these blogs have truly enriched other persons’ lives.

    You have no idea how many lives you have touched everyday with your love.

    Love Always❤️



    1. Your feedback and your expression of words used – refuels my life every time. Thank you for following and representing your country. Love you my dear ❤️ Yep I said so with the full understanding.


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