Restore YOUR Dream 🤳🏼

There are many days when we all FELT like quitting and throwing the towel in. I used the word ‘FELT’ because it’s NOT everyday we do feel like quitting. We all can look back at those days and wonder how we got pass the deep pain, regret and loneliness…making it across the bridge to the other side of strength and purpose.

Life is about challenges, struggles, betrayal, and moments of losing hope. The truth is, we somehow manage getting past those dark moments bringing us to where we are today. Which means – we were ALL created with a purpose that’s far stronger and more durable than we taught we were born with. What is the purpose? A built-in DREAM strategically knitted together pounding inside of our hearts.

The fact is – No one never promised us that to fulfill our dream – it would have been as easy as waking up and BAM 💥 we landed on Mars. We are reminded that to get to our dream …there will be mountains to climb, streams to cross, and rainbows to follow. Nothing listed here signifies passive behavior. Instead, it all signals having an aggressive behavior and going after our dream/passion.

I find it very challenging to think that there are ONLY selective people who have dreams or something passionate to work towards. If anyone believes that they don’t have a dream…. then,  either God is an unfair God who only blesses some of us with dreams OR chances are… we are too busy building other people’s dreams simply because it’s less challenging. 

Gentle Reminder: 
God is NOT unjust to give some people dreams. Our dreams are always given to us to motivate others, inspire others, or to hold someone else’s hands till they get to their dream. Dreams are never selfish ambitions. It’s never about building an empire and becoming a billionaire. It’s always about giving back to the village and stirring up hope to the faint hearted. 

It’s easy to lose sight of who we are – many people enjoy cheering and supporting others on in their dreams. I strongly encourage all us to get back in the game. Don’t be a chicken and lose heart. Find your passion and create your path to get there. The first step is always scary just like a toddler learning to walk. Falling doesn’t signify that you have failed and that you should be ashamed. But the moment you pull yourself up again … it shows you are incredibly passionate and resilient to go after your dream. 

Refuse to carry on a negative internal dialogue with yourself or with anyone else. Inject yourself with courage and determination and get right back into the ring. Shut the door tight behind you against the naysayers. Stop allowing others to tell you what you can or can’t do. It’s your dream. Your passion. Your time. 

Dreams cannot be accomplished if you are not a fighter. Discouragement is a chapter in your storytelling, it’s the chapter MOST people are interested in anyway.  People are more interested in learning about your discouragement, frustration, etc than your graduation. It gives them fuel of hope and inspiration🔥🔥🔥.

Tell yourself, Hakuna Matata- it means No Worry. Get back to the place of restoring YOUR dream. Your dream is what’s keeping you alive. It’s your inspiration to life. You were NOT born to raise a family and pay bills follow by death. No way!!!! I was not born simply to raise my family and die. No way!!! Let’s rediscover our dream and go after it with every ounce of muscle in our body.

The people who you admire on your favorite TV shows, sports, and movies etc …. didn’t have it easy – but they were determined not to become discouraged when a door was closed. They pressed and pushed forward until they didn’t need to be introduced anymore. It’s called PASSION and WILLPOWER  – not luck. They have interesting chapters in their stories (bankruptcy, homelessness, physical hunger, sleepless nights, loneliness, rejection etc) that will make your challenges look insignificant. 

Don’t be ashamed of your story. Your story can inspire others to open up their stories making this world a better place for the future generations. I’ve had some pretty messy stories that will make yours look good, but the mess was part of my journey but definitely not my destination. Those life tests that I may have failed at over the years became my storyline to where I am today. The crisis that shook me to the core of my faith was miraculously turned into my theme song, “You don’t know the cost of my alabaster box 📦 “. 

I’m grateful to God for giving me the strength to hold on to His promises, and for restoring my dream. You can’t change whatever is going on all around you, but your power lies in what’s going on inside you.





Today, is your day to do either two things: Restore YOUR dream. Build someone else’s dream.


To be honest, it takes the same amount of work. You will either yell at yourself OR you allow someone else to yell at you. I like the idea yelling at myself more – “No more excuses!!! Get it done NOW !!! ” 

Perfection is a thief of happiness. I hate perfection. It’s the #1 reason for not pursuing your dream. Countless times after posting my blogs (I write my blogs nightly on inspiration ONLY) I have to edit online after my post has gone public, but I refuse to allow those lil grammatical mistakes to keep me back. I’m focused on the bigger picture – someone needs to hear me. BAM 💥 

5 thoughts on “Restore YOUR Dream 🤳🏼

  1. Junie, thank you for sharing this inspirational word today. Motivational self-talk which will help and encourage us to keep following our GOD-given dreams. Thank you for following your dreams. 👭💝


  2. Very encouraging. Focus and persistence are key in following and attaining our dreams. Success is sweeter the more hurdles you have to overcome to get to your dream.


  3. Reblogged this on Amazing Grace and commented:

    Keeping things in perspective. Every human being have the same 24 hours as you and I. If one person can be successful and happy, then we all have to put in the work needed to bring about our level of satisfaction and fulfillment. Restore Your Dream 🤳🏽


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