⚠️Caution: Adult is in Thinking Mode 

As we approach the final 45 hours of 2016, I’ve found myself reflecting on some of the blogs I have written.

2017 should take us to a higher level than we were in 2016. I always need to remind myself of my DESTINATION and not my journey.

I decided to reblog a few of my past post as positive reminders with the hope that it parachutes us into 2017 with an excitement to rise up of the ashes of 2016, putting on a new attitude for better days ahead.

Praying for all of us that 2017 will truly bring us sincere happiness and a fabulous life with excellent health.

Happy New Year Kings and Queens 🕊

Amazing Grace

As adults we get pulled in so many ways each and every day. As the challenges come along - we are forced to deal with everything that life throws at us, whether we can handle it or not.Do you know what is hard about being strong? Keep on reading until you get almost to the end to see my answer.

Doing a check up on what’s happening on your inside. Ask yourself -Am I hurt 😭 or am I angry 😡? Look at these two emojis, and you can see that it’s a huge difference between being hurt 😭 and being angry 😡. As responsible adults, we live our lives as robots. We go from one emotion – happy 😊 to being anxious 😩 ; from partying 🎉 to pain 🤦🏽‍♀️; and certainly the list can go and on. We juggle so many balls 🏀 at any given…

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