Game Changer – Wake up Your Dormant Power – It’s Late ⌛️

Reblogging my 2016 blogs until January 9, 2017.
When you discover or recover your power – you don’t rely or seek other people’s approval. I was that type of girl who was easily and willlfully overlooked by others until I stepped up my game.
Confidence is not if people like me. Confidence is – I’m still okay if they don’t.

Amazing Grace

One day you will wake up and realize there’s more to the mundane things that you do everyday. I remember very vividly when I was home alone and suddenly came to the realization that there was definitely more to my life. There was no way – I was born to do the same thing every day, and just die. After all, God fed the children of Israel fresh manna every day, and they were warned not to take more than they could eat on that day. But yet, every day they were fed with new food from heaven.In other words – God equips all of us with great potential and purpose to last us a lifetime. We were created to be Game Changers as our life evolves into something new every season.

Opening Question:

Do you have a personality that’s makes you:

  • uncomfortably insecure in relationships
  • way too sensitive…

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