God is always in control 

Reblogging my most memorable 2016 posts, as I get ready for new things in 2017.

I remember the days when I asked God to change some people in my life, but instead – he started changing me – it was less painful and quicker… Choose to remain polished. God doesn’t carelessly or thoughtlessly allow pain to come to us without purpose.

Amazing Grace

Sometimes God places us in difficult situations for the sole purpose – to stretch our faith. Every time I got stumped along the way I realized it was a significant growth spurt that was taking place in my life. I can honestly tell you – I did not like or enjoy those speed bumps, but I can tell you it has always work in my favor.

In our most challenging times, we may never see or understand what God is doing, but it’s important for us to get to a comfort zone where we absolutely trust His plans for our lives. I enjoy taking time in the early morning to simply give God full permission to determine how my day will go. I tell Him my plans, but I give Him permission that whatever happens today … I will be okay with it. At the end of my day when…

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