Stay Humble

2016 was an amazing year. I decided to reblog a few of my inspirational 2016 posts until my new startup day on January 9, 2017.
Luck doesn’t control our lives. God has the supernatural power to open doors for great opportunities or close doors that He doesn’t want you to walk through. Be assured that GOD always has your best interest at heart ❤️.

Amazing Grace

“I also observed under the sun that the race doesn’t always go to the swift, nor the battle to the mighty, nor food to the wise, nor wealth to the intelligent, nor favor to the knowledgeable, because accidents can happen to anyone.

12 People most definitely don’t know when their time will come. Like fish tragically caught in a net or like birds trapped in a snare, so are human beings caught in a time of tragedy that suddenly falls to them.”(‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭9‬:‭11-12‬ CEB)

During the Olympic Games I watched with intent the Track and Field events, and I didhave my favorites who I assumed will win the gold medal, but then as fate would have it – the runner fell or pulled a muscle and someone else not as swift won the race. The race doesn’t always go to the swift. What’s my point:It’s wise not to…

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