What’s Next After The Brook Is Dried Up?

If your brook dries up, it’s NOT the end of your story. You are not alone. Seasons come. Seasons go. Your brook will one day be replenished and produce an overflow.  

Amazing Grace

A brook is a small stream of water. On a hot day, you might enjoy immersing your feet in the water to simply relax, thinking of nothing special or deep. But, what if the brook dries up? What’s next?

Speaking figuratively let’s think of how many kinds of brooks can we come up with? There are brooks of: Faith; Hope; Laughter; Joy; Fulfillment; Strength; Courage; Fortitude; Endurance, and the list can go on and on. It’s very possible over a lifetime for many of the same brooks to repetitively dry up. Life is made up of countless high and low moments – both should never be despised.

Most of us immediately wonder if God has departed from us when …whatever the name of our brook is – has dried up. Even Jesus in Gethsemane prayed, “Father, if it is at all possible let this cup pass from me. But, nevertheless…

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