Embrace The Seasons In Your Life

Reblogging until January 9 … Embrace the Seasons in your life. Every season brings a new perspective. Don’t forget to leave a comment.

Amazing Grace

My blog today is taking a different slant. I’m looking at the – ‘WHAT ifs’ that can possibly occur in the seasons of life. Seasons are like chapters in our lives – what may feel like the end of a chapter, can actually be the beginning of something better.

When you complain, you make yourself a victim.

Life brings varied experiences into our lives, and unfortunately, we don’t get to pick which ones we are most comfortable with.

Winter is tough and the experience can be mentally challenging -it gets darker earlier; it’s gloomy; it’s wet; the sunshine is limited to just a few hours per day; and depression increases in the most vulnerable persons. Based on all those facts mentioned, let’s apply them into our daily lives. Somebody may be feeling stuck right now in a good relationship that has gone bad. There’s coldness and gloom all around…

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