Gratitude Still Rocks 

Gratitude begins where entitlement ends. Reblogging my past posts until my official start up date on January 9. I encourage you to leave comments and let me know if you are enjoying reading my blogs.

Amazing Grace

In today’s society many kids have inheritedaspirit of entitlement broughton by well intended loving parents,who have strategically planned the size of the family they have in mind. The couples have intelligently waited before bringing kids into the mix. They both have discussed ways to make life as ‘perfect’as it can be for their ‘perfect little bundles of happiness.’

I have creatively chosenthe names for themembers of the families to bring home my point.A large family these daysconsists of four persons:Daddy, Mommy, Prince, and Princess.A smallfamily is three persons:Daddy, Mommy, and Lil King/MyQueen.Then you have the Career-Oriented Woman’sfamily unit where there’s only two family members: Mommy,and It’s All About Me.

These families usually live in the suburbs known as:

  • “Do you know who my parents are?”

Outdoor Activities are not available.

  • It’s given over…

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