Get Rid of Junk

Great post to read. Guaranteed it would shed some light on how much of a hoarder we can become – holders of hurt, pain, unforgiveness etc….Get Rid of our Junk.

Amazing Grace

The very first thing you must do if you are not happy with your life is to, “Get Rid Of Junk”. It’s amazing how quickly you accumulate junk in your homes, in your kitchen, in your closets, in the garage, and even in your car. 

There are people who live all their lives as hoarders. I’ve watched TV shows highlighting people who are hoarders, and it’s scary to see how much junk they accumulate over a lifetime, yet, no one can convince them that it’s junk. They love it, and they are traumatized if they are told to clean up the mess. I’ve seen men and women who sadly end up being alone because of their addiction to junk. 

When you look into people’s faces who have gradually become hoarders of junk, they never look happy even among their ‘cherished’ possessions of junk. Hoarders are the most miserable…

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