It’s Important to Own Your Dream 👌🏾

First posted on December 5th, 2016. Discouragement is a thief of happiness and dreams. It’s important to own your dream and go after it.

Amazing Grace

When you have a dream that motivates and inspires you enough to pursue it – it’s important to remember from day one  – you have signed off as the sole proprietor of your dream. You are the only one who will maintain your vision. The buck stops at you. You have signed on to the risk, failure, profits, and benefits. 

Note to self: Don’t go into pursuing your dream expecting your family, spouse, or friends to buy into your dream. It’s your dream, so don’t become upset over lack of support. It’s your dream – not theirs. 

When you go to the store to purchase a pair of 👠  for yourself, do you wish  for everyone to try them on before purchasing them? I hope NOT! So, it’s your dream, don’t wait for any approval or support. Build your dream one brick at a time. 

Discouragement is a thief of…

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