There’s a Difference between Being Alone vs Loneliness 

If we unite, nobody falls. There’s a difference between being alone vs loneliness. Loneliness is unhealthy, it leads to depression. Being alone alllows you to be refreshed and kind to yourself.

Amazing Grace

Community Life: I’m certain that every one of us during the course of our lives have done good deeds numerous times: to encourage, inspire, and to motivate countless individuals whose lives were affected by unforeseen circumstances. We meet people every day from all walks of life with varied experiences …some of them just simply need a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to hold, or someone to run an errand for them, or just having a trusted and loyal friend.

 Life takes a toll on everyone, and no man was ever created to be an island. We help each other overcome difficult situations. We support and lend our strength to those whose lives have been battered and torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. We as humans were born into communities/villages with varied strengths and weaknesses. We fight for each other, we fight with each…

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