Tales from The Grave

Heaven and Hell is real. The devil doesn’t care if you read this blog, once you don’t believe it. I would rather be criticized or mocked by anyone in this world than to be judged by God. I’m a Christian and yes, God is still working on me….every day 🙌🏾

Amazing Grace

Everybody enjoys a great celebration of any kind – birthdays, graduations, promotions, births, pregnancy announcements, engagements etc. People by nature love to be happy and to have fun, they let their guards down, kick their shoes off, pin their hair up, and turn the music up playing their favorites. It’s a happy occasion and happiness is contagious. We all enjoy a great party and we will keep going until our wearied feet can’t take anymore. We leave the event with wonderful memories of a happy occasion that will not be soon forgotten.

Life surely has its good times and bad times, but it’s important to remember that neither last a lifetime. The good and bad experiences interchange as rapidly as the four seasons – they come, and they go. We do not get the choice to stay in one over the other. Once we mentally prepare for the swift changes…we…

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