Part 1 : The Wealth of a Mother’s L❤️VE

I thank God for the blessings of friendship and a healthy relationship with my husband, the father of my four daughters. As we spent time together this weekend we began speaking about how unfortunate it was to be celebrated in a grandiose way only at the time of one’s homegoing ceremony. The homegoing ceremony especially that of a parent is somewhat equivalent to a graduation ceremony, lacking nothing to show the world that the parent was worth every cent spent on that day even if it sends the giver into great debt. 

My husband reminded me of the lyrics of a song written and sung by Calypsonian  ‘The Mighty Sparrow’.  Who is a Calypsonian? “A Calypsonian according to the dictionary is – one who sings in a musical West Indian style influenced by jazz, usually having topical , often improvised lyrics”. The singer’s name suggests that his voice is as sweet as a Sparrow (bird) and indeed he continues to be known as, The Mighty Sparrow. So now that I’ve covered a little bit of West Indian history about a man and his lyrics, let me now go on to his famous song found on the internet.

I would like to thank my dear husband for painstakingly trying to capture the lyrics from repeatedly playing the song since we both were unable to find it online. I hereby would like to place a disclaimer for any incorrect lyrics as mistakes can occur while trying to capture and transcribe the words above the music in the background. I took the liberty to change some of the words to better facilitate my reading audience. But, overall it expresses my sentiments in totality.

Today is Part 1 of my blog: The Wealth of a Mother’s Love

Below are the Lyrics to The Mighty Sparrow’s song with a SLIGHT variation of words:

“In this place certain men should hide their face because the way they treat their mother is a disgrace. 

Neglect the old lady for many years, when mummy dies, they shedding lots of tears, and spending money like hell, to buy a casket big like Hilton Hotel.

 When the mother was alive, they didn’t recognize her, it was in the night clubs and hotels their money used to spend. They enjoyed themselves, but now that she’s gone, those hypocrites weep and mourn.

Well, if you are lucky and still have your mummy – just remember what Sparrow say – forget all your friends and make sure your mummy okay.

So indiscreet, some of them drunk in the street, and mama have nothing to eat. They buying company every day, they in a spree and their mummy belly empty. I know a man one night he joined his wife to cuss his mother. Two weeks later he ended up in prison, and when she died he started to cry and shout – but, how I wish the dead could wake up and slap him on his mouth.

When his mother was in need, he didn’t pay a heed and she had to eat the bread the devil knead.

It was so unfair, a postcard once a year to pretend that you so sincere. She don’t need a lot just give her what you’ve got, whether you rich or poor, I say, only on her birthday should not be the way – every day should be Mother’s Day.

Oh lord, don’t neglect your mummy so, don’t leave her in tears and sorrow. Don’t forget, that you owe her the respect that all mothers should get. You got to make it your point of duty to try and make her always happy. Not like those who just pay the bill only to make sure that their name come out on the will.

You drove her out of her mind, you treated her unkind, how could you be so blind to leave mama to find her own way. The pain she had to bear to bring you safely here, and now you don’t really care. You treated her crude, and for your ingratitude, someday you will to pay, because retribution will greet every man who treats his mama that way.

My friend, tell me why do you pretend to remember your mother then, why do you mourn when she’s buried all alone and no longer can she return. 

The Lord above will take care of her up there, but your obligations lies right here. It’s unkind to leave her undone. Don’t be a disgusting ungrateful son.

Now after all is said and done, I’m warning every son – give your mama your love and affection. Try to understand, she did the best she can, now give her a helping hand. 

No, you cannot repay even until your dying day even if you own the moon and stars above. 

You will be one lucky fella if you still have the pleasure of The Wealth of a Mother’s L❤️VE.” The End

👉🏾 Part 2 to follow tomorrow with my personal views on the wealth of a mother’s love. 👈🏾

6 thoughts on “Part 1 : The Wealth of a Mother’s L❤️VE

  1. Hmmmm … Junie, I am truly stumped!! I don’t recognize this calypso at all, but your reflections of a mother’s worth do ring true.
    We never know when relationships will slip into eternity at any given time. Last Sunday, I hugged a fellow worshipper twice, never suspecting that she would pass on to eternity 4 days later. There was absolutely no evidence last Sunday of her imminent death. But when I reflect, I am happy that I took the time for the 2nd hug.
    Taking the time now to publicly express my acknowledgement of the time and love you invest in producing these blogs.
    Continued blessings, my dear sister.
    Love, Always,


    1. Thank you my Sis for all the times you stood by me and your bountiful support throughout the years.
      Born with Destiny. Created with Purpose .
      I appreciate you for the great memories you made in my life and my family lives ❤️


  2. A mother’s love is eternal. She can love her child more than anything is this entire world. A mother gives love and care with no expectations. It is a tale of just giving, caring, pampering, loving and expecting nothing in return. Motherhood is one of the most important parts of a woman’s life and it requires a lot of dedication, commitment and energy. A mother is somehow responsible for shaping up a child’s personality and teaching them good human values. A mother inculcates teachings of right and wrong in her children and makes them realize their real potential. She helps them to learn how to survive in the world all alone. She knows to read the eyes of her children and speak the language of their heart. She can read the hidden expressions and confusions of her children and can see the depth of their souls. A mother is an epitome of love, sacrifice, strength and dedication and she has undiscovered physical and emotional strength when she has a look after her child.
    A mother’s love is truly a reflection of God’s love.
    I am proud of the love you extended to your children for the past 40+ years.
    Love you!


  3. A mother’s love comes with no charge it is priceless. Her love is far more precious than rubies. Her arms depicts a place of refuge or safety. (Susan Diranian, 2015) a mother is a protector, disciplinarian and friend. A mother is a selfless, loving human who must sacrifice many of her wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children. A mother works hard to make sure their child is equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to make it as a competent human being. Being a mother is perhaps the hardest and the most rewarding job a woman will ever experience.


    1. Sweetheart, you are the best. Love you. Thank you for years of support and for your positive feedback. Together we will continue to teach and inspire others.
      We’ve got this ❤️🙏🏾


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