Part 2: The Wealth of a Mother’s L❤️VE 

Everyone has a story. Our lives are continually being written every single day we live whether intentionally or unintentionally. No one has an option for refusing to  write their own story – once you are alive therefore you’re unintentionally or intentionally writing. You don’t get to say, ‘Today, I don’t feel to be bothered with writing my chapter, it’s my business and I don’t care what anyone says …’  Why isn’t it an option? Because as ridiculous as your expressed sentiments may sound – it’s still going to be written into your story by someone else and this is how it will be told, ‘She lived a secret, solitude life never wanting to be bothered by other people’s opinions.’

That’s why I write my story 👩🏼‍🏫 . It’s my own words and I prefer to write my own chapters. 
One way or the other every day our choices, dreams, missed goals, failures and attitude towards life are being written. For me, the saddest part to attending a funeral is the  . I’ve sat through countless funerals and I often wondered if the decease only knew all the glowing reviews of his or her life which usually is read mostly by the most outspoken child, friend, grandchild, associate or spouse – if it would have made a remarkable difference in their life. 

I wonder if the whole world was both blind and deaf how much emphasis would be placed on the 

….my guess is – NONE. The options of funeral homes would be few, the burial plots would be free, the florist would be a non-competitive business, the funeral church services would be reduced to mere seconds, and the exhaustive list of impressions humans create for the final moments would be significantly diminished – because the whole world was blind and deaf.

The Wealth of a Mother’s L❤️VE far exceeds any mortal man’s ability to repay. The sacrifices a woman makes from the moment she conceives until she takes her final breath are unfathomable. Every child owes it to his or her mother/parents to honor and respect her/them without any reservation. It’s heartbreaking tragedy when children assume that their primary responsibilities are now only towards their own family. The social media millennium children have created a selfish fad (I hope it’s short lived) that texting mummy/daddy is equivalent to picking up the phone or simply unexpectedly dropping in for a visit. Children have become cold and callous towards their parents over the years.

It’s beyond imagination that children should ever withhold respect and love from their parents. While parents live, it should be the children’s joy to honor and respect their parents. They should bring all the sunshine and laughter into their parents lives as the pathway to the grave becomes more visible. There’s no greater recommendation in life than a child that has honoured his or her parents. Heaven records a child who has honoured and respected their parents – they shall live long and happy all the days of their life. 

The BIBLE has clearly identified five duties of children to parents:

  1. Children have the duty to honor and respect their parents. They are to SPEAK RESPECTFULLY to their parents. Children should never publicly speak ill of their parents or to openly defy their parents. David’s son Absalom openly undermined his father’s authority and plotted to take his father’s position as King. But, his ill fate caught up with him leading to his untimely death. In 2 Samuel 18:33  – King David with all the information he had obtained about his son, he grieved like only a forgiving parent could. The Bible says, “The king was overcome with emotion. He went up to the room over the gateway and burst into tears. And as he went, he cried, “O my son Absalom! My son, my son Absalom! If only I had died instead of you! O Absalom, my son, my son.” ‭‭
  2. Children are to obey their parents in all things for this is pleasing to the LORD. When I was growing up my mom would say to us, ‘delayed obedience is disobedience’ … now parents count from one to three to get their kids to obey. Therefore, I should assume that the parents of these young kids have given themselves permission to refute honouring their aged parents as advisers
  3. Heeding counsel from parents can be found all throughout the Book of Proverbs. The older your parents are – is the wiser they’ve become. Proverbs 1:8 
  4. Children have the duty to care for their parents in their old age. 1 Timothy 5:3 and 1 Timothy 5:8 
  5. Children are to understand and forgive their parents. Parents are not perfect and maybe didn’t do everything as perfectly as you would have wished, but  there should be a certain measure of grace that can be applied with the same measure of grace you would desire to receive from your offsprings.

❤️❤️ Takeaways from The Wealth of a Mother’s L❤️VE: 

  • Once my mummy and daddy are happy, only then I’m happy
  • Quit spending money and buying a casket big like Hilton Hotel 
  • Forget the eulogy and say what needs to be said NOW
  • Cards make the merchant rich. Words spoken directly to the intended audience reaps a lifetime of happiness 
  • Flowers are always more appreciated while alive. Dead people cannot see the beauty
  • Tears from laughter are more meaningful than tears from regret 
  • Spending personal quality time is less expensive than gifts from Tiffany’s Blue Box and Louis Vuitton 
  • Retribution is a terrible thing to witness 
  • Every mother needs emotional, physical, and spiritual validation 
  • When a mother is respected and well cared for, she, and her whole family, will benefit. 

6 thoughts on “Part 2: The Wealth of a Mother’s L❤️VE 

  1. So blessed to have had godly examples of how to love and care for others. I remember accompanying Mummy, along with other siblings, as we visited “shut-ins”, and also hearing Uncle Fred tell us, when he was already in his 70s, that he was going to run errands for some of his less mobile peers. We have had great examples, and hopefully, others within our spheres of influence will also understand the joy of bringing joy to others.
    Blessings, Junie, for all you have done and continue to do for others. Our Father, who sees in secret, will reward you openly.


  2. See my yesterday’s comment.

    There is a piece of humour of a man married for 25 years and never told his wife he loved her. The wife beginning to feel insecure said to him him “honey you have not told me in 25 years that you love me”. His response was “Shy the fuss? Itold you on our wedding day that I love you, if and when that changes you’ll be the first to know”.

    Let us not be like that man. We should tell our loved ones every day that we love them and not take it for granted that they should know. This is one thing about our kids and how they have been taught by their mom. There is hardly a conversation that ends without “love you”


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