Don’t be Afraid to be Different 

Everyone loves to fit in with the group that they are hanging with, regardless if they are comfortable or uncomfortable. Rejection is painful so people are pressured to fit right in even if they feel misplaced. Being different from others calls for you to be confident and courageous. It takes confidence to walk away without excuses if you ever find yourself unhappy in a group of people. 

I’m very picky with people I choose to spend time with. I prefer to spend quality time with people who are sincere, who play fair,  respect others, and most of all – allow me to be myself.  I’m not afraid to be different and to excuse myself at anytime if things become uncomfortable for me. I don’t make excuses to walk away from anything that don’t serve purpose in my life. 

  • Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy
  • It’s really okay NOT to do what everyone is doing
  • It’s more comfortable being yourself even if you’re ‘tnereffid’ ‘(different)
  • Don’t just fall in love OR want to be around others because you are lonely
  • If you want something to last, it usually takes time, and that calls for you accepting me as I am and I accepting you as you are 

I believe that NOT everything you do needs an explanation. It’s okay to be different. When you depend on others to encourage you, you will inadvertently also give then permission to discourage you. You really don’t need anyone’s approval to make you feel worthy to be different. 

I’ve selected a few pictures with the hope we can see ourselves in them. If you are the different one in the group, don’t fear what other people think about you. Be yourself. If you try to please people or fit in or not to offend anyone, you will always be unhappy. Love yourself when you are being yourself. 

6 thoughts on “Don’t be Afraid to be Different 

  1. Thankful for this reminder that GOD made each of us just the way we are. I am so blessed to receive your life lessons so that others may be enriched and encouraged. Walk tall, my sister, my friend 👭💝


  2. Self Confidence is the basis of and the key to being different and it triggers one’s refusal to compromise in order to ‘fit in’.

    Keep on writing.


  3. Jeremiah 1: 5 and 8
    “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

    “Don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and will protect you. I, the LORD, have spoken!”.

    Those who have messages to deliver from God, must not fear the face of man. The Lord, by a sign, gave Jeremiah such a gift as was necessary. God’s message should be delivered in his own words. Whatever wordly wise men or politicians may think, the safety of kingdoms is decided according to the purpose and word of God.




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