Smoke and Mirrors Moments 

I love blogging. I love capturing my thoughts in real time, and I guess in future years I can look back and re-read my blogs – I will either have a good laugh at myself or I can see how far I’ve come in my writing skills and topics. But for now, I am seriously enjoying the moments of my journey. Either way, I guess I win! 

Let’s chat about ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ today. 

So what is Smoke and Mirrors?  The dictionary meaning is:

  1. Making something look attractive when it really isn’t. 
  2. To distort something making it appear to be realistic and attainable only to keep you bound to it for years

Smoke and Mirrors can often appear in your everyday life in many ways:

  1. A longstanding proposal of a promised contract forever waiting for it to be approved 
  2. An engagement ring with no wedding date in the near future 
  3. Manipulative relationships that keep you connected to them through frequent communications but yet there such an eerie unexplainable distance
  4. Relationships that are supposed to be built for stability and support but their ghostly ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ moments in your life leaves you feeling vulnerable 

Sometimes relationships can either build you up or they can suck all your energy dry. There are some relationships that are just not fixable, and unfortunately it also includes bloodline family. It’s important in situations like these that you make yourself emotionally strong until you get to the place in life where it’s okay to still be happy without the support and love. Doing what’s best for you is your priority. 

Guidelines to detecting Smokey Mirror relationships AND how to win:

  • Rejection:

Action: If you constantly compete with yourself, you will become better. It’s really all about you and NOT them

  • Competitiveness:

Action: Stop giving attention to those who compete for yours

  • Hypercritical:

Action: How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you 

  • Feeling emotionally drained

Action: Happiness is an inside job. It’s an important job to hand over to anyoneConfidence is silent

How to remove yourself from negative environments:

  1. Know that YOU don’t have to repeat their behaviour, you are not them 
  2. Allow yourself to be upset but DO NOT sit there and cry forever. 
  3. Get over it and move on. Life goes on !
  4. One great moment of laughing releases all the built up resentment
  5. Limit your time spent in any negative environment 
  6. Set boundaries. A lack of boundaries open the doors to a lack of respect
  7. There’s always other mutually agreed ways to stay in touch – Phone calls, birthday cards, emails, send a funny joke via social media  etc 
  8. Do things you love to do and invite others to join you
  9. You can lead by example but you can’t force anyone to follow
  10. Keep your circle SMALL 

Remember people use Online Filters to booster their appearances to mask their true self, so don’t take anything personal about them masking their true feelings about you. 
Someone will always be prettier, smarter, younger, wiser – but no one can be YOU. 

When you are confident you never have one minute to become jealous. 

When you put in the work to become who you are today, you don’t have the time to hate anyone. 

Keep your friendships and relationships around those who inspire you and respect you. Energy (positive or negative) is contagious. 

Social Media is training our generations to compare our lives, instead of appreciating everything that we truly are. 

Your worth is measured by your demonstration of love ❤️ 

Love is respect, friendship, understanding, communication, and companionship. 

I Love you are just words until you give it meaning, and the meaning brings two persons forever inseparable. 


4 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors Moments 

  1. There is never any need to compare ourselves with others because GOD had a specific plan and design in giving each of us life. We all need each other. Great thoughts! Blessings! 💞


  2. Wow! This is deep. I really love the thought – ‘your worth is measured by your demonstration of love’. Truly, it is not what or how much we get or receive but is what or how much we give.
    Very powerful.


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