Paralysis Through Analysis 

I’ve heard my  husband numerous times used the term ‘Paralysis through Analysis’ in many of his lectures, and I became interested in the meaning of the term. So one day I decided to meditate on it and apply it to everyday Life. Please take note – Everything you say or do – can POSSIBLY become my next blog if it’s topical or interesting. I’m always blogging in my mind. The Life of a Blogger is real. #StruggleIsReal 

First, let’s get an understanding of the term and why I became so intrigued with it. What does Paralysis through Analysis mean? Paralysis through Analysis is the state of OVERthinking a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome. Have you ever been called upon to make a speech at a function and immediately you felt paralyzed by fear? 

I don’t believe that any person takes pleasure in failing at any thing in life. You are called upon to make a speech and all of a sudden doubt and fear consume you. 

A woman finds out she’s pregnant with her first child, the first reaction is JOY then after the excitement comes ANXIETY wondering about the ‘what ifs’ to her many unanswered questions. 

Making a tough call on an important matter freezes your mobility to pick up the phone when you are overthinking the steps. 

Moving to another country with your whole family for business reasons can be pretty intimidating and creates much doubt, fear, hesitation, anxiety – and then the overthinking processs debilitates the outcome. 

Most of us have been paralyzed through fear, anxiety, nightmares, phobias, or depression. I would love to think I’m not alone in becoming paralyzed by simply overthinking something I had to do. 

I’ve been asked many times – ‘How do you manage to write five blogs in seven days?’  My answer – ‘I commit to my writings like a CEO would to his own business.’ I don’t give myself any excuses or reasons not to be driven to do my writings. Many nights are rougher than some as my thoughts either don’t come together or sleep overwhelms me. 

But either way  – I keep moving forward regardless of whatever options are before me. 

I believe 100% that we are all created equal. We all have great potential bound up inside of us, but many of us overthink the process so much that we become paralyzed while analyzing. 

It would NOT surprise me that most of us are currently sitting on ‘a pot of gold’ .  The most common way we give in to fear is by thinking that we cannot beat fear. 

Many people have great and brilliant ideas but fear and overthinking paralyze their capacity to take action.

Lack of confidence in ourselves makes us our number 1 enemy. The opposite is true – we make champions of other people and we cheer them on to their destiny.

 What prevents us from becoming champions in our own rights? FEAR, OVERTHINKING, INSECURITIES, ANXIETY, NEGATIVE BELIEFS, PARALYSIS, ANALYSIS, and such like. 

Note to self:

You are your greatest champion, so move out of your comfortable corner of insecurities and get up and do what’s in your heart. Be the best you can. It’s called WORK! There are sacrifices that you must make to get where you want to go. It’s never a walk in the park, but it will be worth it. 

Your pot of gold is losing its flame and zeal because of your procrastination bought on by your overthinking and analyzing every detail. 

It’s quite possible to kill your dream if all you do is to analyze your creativity. 

Every day we live, time does not stand still waiting for you to plunge out. 

Stop believing you have to repeatedly analyze the methods, the facts or your beliefs. Just get your feet on the ground and watch how well you will run to win. There’s a champion in each of us. 

You are a child of the King who created you with great plans to do you good and not to harm you. Quit trying to believe that you have to help God put ALL your ducks in order. Trust God to keep inspiring you as you work diligently to achieve His calling on your life.  

When God calls you, He gives you the anointing to excel. He gets the glory and you are simply the vessel He uses. We are servants of the Most High God. 

When I started out blogging in May 2016, I had millions of reasons why I should NOT do it. But, one day I said to myself, ‘Yes you can!’, and I began. 

I may not have all the grammar tools nor the punctuations right, but I refuse to become paralyzed through analyzing every detail of my writings. Whatever glory or feedback I get – it all goes to God. I’m just going to keep doing me and allow God to do His thing. 

I’ve been thinking that no one knows what’s going to happen within the next minute of his or her life, but yet we automatically keep on doing stuff. 

We don’t pause and wait for ALL the information to come to us before we take the next every day step in life. 

So why do we think or assume that we need to overthink or analyze our dreams and goals. 

Life doesn’t wait for us to get over our fears. The earth 🌏 doesn’t stop and be accommodating to our insecurities. Every year passes we are one year older. 


Don’t show me what someone else wrote or achieved, show me your chapters and let’s read together. 

Pet peeve: 

I’m a blogger. Don’t forward me other people’s writings when I have never been aware of you promoting mines or yours. We tend to make champions of the rich, the famous and the well known celebrities who have already established their careers. It’s about time we deliberately choose to empower those within our circles – lending a hand to those who have come out of their insecurities and fears. 

It’s the Villagers Mentality. Mama, Papa and baby bears. 


We can and will always learn from others, so let’s inspire and motivate each other to write one’s own story.

8 thoughts on “Paralysis Through Analysis 

  1. Thank you for another inspiring word. Blessings as you fulfill your calling and thank you for sharing your pet peeve 😀. I enjoy witnessing your blooming where you are planted. 👏🏾👍🏽🤗

  2. Hey Junie who cares about the grammar and punctuation what’s important is the message and the many lives you have touched or changed because of your blogs.

    At the end of this journey or milestone in your life you would one day say, I have fought the good fight💪🏾, I have finished the race🏃🏽‍♀️, I have kept the faith🙏🏽
    2 Timothy 4:7

    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me, Philippians 4:13. “Yes we can”😀.

    Love you Junie😘

    Stay Blessed🙏🏽


  3. You inspire me! Full stop!
    Keep blogging, June. You communicate!
    Thank you for allowing yourself to be the channel of blessing that you are to so many…and to me!
    Keep up the good work even when there is no feedback.
    God is a Rewarder!
    Love you.

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