Can God Interrupt Your Plans?

When you think of how good God has been to you throughout your journey in life, are you comfortable allowing God to interrupt your plans? 

There comes a time in life that regardless of the question the answer will always be God. 

It’s borderline pathetic that the ONLY time some people believe and speak about God is the time when death is knocking at their door. When people are faced with emergencies, it’s ONLY then God becomes RELEVANT

How very unfortunate it is to only make someone your priority when you need them. 

Motto: IF anything stops you from getting closer to God, then it has to go. 

Have you ever been taken for granted? 

Stop and think for one second how God feels when the ONLY time you call on Him is when there’s trouble. Many people hide God under their dinner table when their guests arrive at their front door. But, what if one of your guests collapses on the floor of your living room? 

Awkward, very awkward moment indeed to call God to help. 

If spending time with people can cause you to pick up their habits – then I believe spending time with God is a great opportunity to be like Him. 

What are some reasons people are reluctant to reveal their status with God?

  • Fear of rejection. I love the friends and the good times 
  • Lover of self. It’s not so cool to be known as a Christian 
  • Glitter and Glamour 
  • Political correctness has replaced sharing faith
  • They are only hearers and not doers 

Signs of a Christian that is NOT ashamed of their status with God:

  • They do not compromise their relationship with God
  • They speak out of wrongdoing 
  • They fear God
  • They do not seek approval from man
  • They have integrity 
  • Prayer is the first thing that comes into their mind when someone approaches them with an issue 

Can God interrupt your plans? Would you sell God out for selfish reasons?  Will you be okay if God interrupts a relationship you’re having with someone? 

Sobering thoughts

  • Don’t sell out on God in exchange for a bowl of soup
  • God’s got you – but it takes two persons to keep a friendship going
  • Don’t walk blindly into anything or a relationship that wouldn’t allow God to interrupt the plans

4 thoughts on “Can God Interrupt Your Plans?

  1. God’s unconditional love never changes. He requires of us to also love Him unconditionally, not only when it is convenient or when we need something.
    Good word.


  2. Thankful for your commitment and consistency in sharing your heart and challenging your readers to be all that we are created to be. Blessings!


    1. Thank you for being my ardent supporter of my blogs. It has been a great encouragement to me.
      I appreciate you taking the time every morning to read my postings and to comment. It takes more than just reading BUT lots of love to write a daily feedback.
      I say to you – thanks 🙏🏾
      You’re my true sister and friend. Blessings to you ❤️❤️😘


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