I Live Here and These Are My Neighbors ๐ŸŽงย 

This is my neighborhood and listed below are SOME of my neighbors. I’ve withheld their first names for privacy reasons: (wink eye) 

  • Mr. Fear
  • Ms. Anxiety
  • Bitterness Jr. 
  • Lady Hostility
  • Ms. Depression
  • Constable Torment
  • Madam Misery
  • Captain Overthinking 
  • Prince Disillusionment
  • Princess Fighting
  • Principal Jealousy
  • Lawyer Arguments
  • Pastor Pride
  • Nurse Hatred
  • Dr. Sickness

There are many other well known neighbors that you may personally know that lives further down the street. They do drop in from time to time for a quick visit, but they have been working the late night shifts for the last few months – and is said to be sleep deprived and acting strangely.

Why have I chosen then to live in my neighborhood? Because I’ve taken possession of my home which the Lord swore to my fathers (Abraham, Isaac, and to Jacob). From the first day I entered the world, these were my ancestors neighborhood and I’ve inherited all of their properties and the neighbors that live there

Stay with me now as I gossip a lil about my neighborhood. 

I guess you are wondering why I seem unbothered by my famous neighbors:

  • Mr. Fear
  • Ms. Anxiety
  • Lady Hostility
  • Principal Jealousy
  • and the rest of the gang…

Here’s why: What goes on in my home, stays in my home. My neighbors may throw stuff in my yard overnight while I’m sleeping, away on vacation, while I’m cooking, or at work, or even when I’m praying. Any opportune time that they may think my guards are sleeping, they bring on the onslaught of their attacks. But, they are never privy to what goes on inside my home. They are unaware of the forces that reside inside my home

In my home: I have the Lion of Judah that breaks EVERY chain and an Anchor โš“๏ธ that keeps me secured while my neighbors – Fear, Anxiety, Overthinking, Pride and their many other meddling companions are banging on my door. I never have to answer to their persistent annoying sounds. 

My Lion roars thunderously and my Anchor โš“๏ธ holds me down. When I sit still, I see them with my own eyes get the reward they deserve for their wickedness. They fall by my side and they cannot harm me. 

God one day told me, “June, you have dwelt there long enough and you have experienced my Peace and you know who I AM. You are never in bondage to who live next to you.” 

Moral of the story: You have lived there long enough. You have seen God in your good times – why are you allowing your faith in God to be diminished because of the activities in your neighborhood (BRAIN). Stop grumbling about the situations and trust your God who allowed you to experience good times while living in the same neighborhood. 

When good times come – people forget God.

When bad times come – people curse God. 

Then those same people say, there’s no God.  

You have seen God’s deliverance in the past, continue to trust He’s there with you when your neighbors like Mr. Fear, Constable Torment, Captain Overthinking and the host of other annoying neighbors get loud and rambunctious.

Do not move out. Do not run away. Your neighbours live EVERYWHERE all around the WORLD. You are a child of God. You must refuse to live in bondage because of your annoying neighbors. 

4 thoughts on “I Live Here and These Are My Neighbors ๐ŸŽงย 

  1. GOD is in the midst of her. She shall not be moved. GOD shall help her and that, right early. Psalm 46:5.

    Blessings, Junie ๐Ÿ™


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