Fight or Flight Response 

FIGHT vs. FLIGHTWhen I face stressful situations that pushes my button and tugs at my emotions in ways pass my understanding…I’m confident it’s my ELEVATION TIME with God …meaning that I’m being put to test and I must pass …so I wouldn’t have to do it again. But, in reality…I get knocked down seven times…but with the help of God, I always get back up on the eight time.Have you ever heard about the ‘Fight or Flight Response’? There’s just one letter that separates these two words …the letter ‘L’. FIGHT RESPONSE is to accept the challenge…and FLIGHT RESPONSE is to run away from the challenge.Naturally, our bodies react unconsciously in two ways – STAY and FIGHT …or FLEE (FLIGHT). Our heartbeat quickens, and we begin to breathe faster, and our body becomes tense, but we must take some form of action. Example…you are walking down the street and someone confronts you in an aggressive manner … you’re likely to put up a fight or flee.There are those scary moments in our lives when the spirit of fear cripples us…times when we lose all our fighting capabilities … and our first choice is to take the FLIGHT response which is always the way of least resistance. ‘Just give up’ comes to our mind.What are SOME of the everyday things that can make a person take on a FLIGHT response?Phobias – persistent fear that someone or a situation is looking WORSE than beforeBrain chatters – incomplete thoughts, anxieties looking for immediate answersFeelings of loneliness – left alone in the desert to dieToxic relationships – know that you need to let go but afraidChildhood traumas – not having the right resources to work through the past memoriesMental instability – withdrawal, feeling disconnected from the world, rapid mood changes.FLIGHT Responses:Uncontrolled and unexplained crying.Worrying.Panic attacks.Overthinking – brain chatters.Restlessness.Easy steps to get into FIGHT RESPONSE:Know that if God is on your side…all of Hell can’t get past His Presence to you.It comes down to YOUR relationship with Him…He’s your strength. He’s your Provider. He’s your Refuge. He’s your Source. He’s your Defender. He’s your Rock.
He’s all that and more.I wish I could have told you that you can find all of that in a man/woman…but the FIGHT RESPONSE can only be activated by a Higher Power. We can’t go it alone. I’m totally convinced that there’s NO ONE other than GOD who can make ALL(the hiccups, the misfortunes, the abandonment, rejection, pain) WORK TOGETHER for your advantage.God promises EVERY THING will work for our benefit. In times when you cannot pray… remember – Tears are prayers too. Don’t give up! It’s harder to start over again…it’s easier to write a new chapter.Fear can ONLY be beaten when you bring it to the feet of the Savior. FLIGHT Response is activated when you think you can do it on your own. FIGHT Response is when you are confident that God has your back.Find your strength in Christ alone. When darkness seems to hide His face, I rest on His unchanging grace. In EVERY high and stormy season – MY ANCHOR holds in His unchanging ways. God can restore anything that’s broken, all we need is CONFIDENCE IN HIM.Even when we hear absolutely nothing from God (our thoughts sometimes block our ability to hear)…we can rest assured that He’s hearing us.There’s NOT ONE man-made drug on earth that will ever permanently remove Fear. It may give you a good night rest…but in the morning…the anxiety is still there.GOD can stabilize and strengthen you so you can choose the FIGHT Response …and …not the FLIGHT Response.

4 thoughts on “Fight or Flight Response 

  1. Junie, I love your honest sharing of your journey. So glad that we have learned to go to The Rock!!! Daily blessings be yours always!


  2. This is so powerful and so accurate mom! You get a A+++ !!

    No but seriously. Fear is crippling. I have learned from watching you as my practical example and reading my Bible that trusting in God, a power outside of myself, is the only way I can cope… not only cope but thrive in those crippling situation.

    A passage that has been my go to and tested as TRUE in my life when I encounter anxious thoughts is Philippians 4:6-7 – Do not be anxious about anything, but in EVERY situation, by PRAYER and PETITION, with THANKSGIVING present your requests to God. And the PEACE of God, which TRANSCENDS ALL UNDERSTANDING, will guard your hearts and your MINDS in Christ Jesus.

    Tested and true! Living testimony.
    Love you, your daughter, Krissy


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