Hand Over ALL Uncontrollable Things

Many times God gives us great challenges plunging us right into the unknown. The most scary thing about being plunged into uncertainty is, there’s no solid ground to stand on.  To me, that’s when your faith in God, the lessons you have learnt, the scriptures you have quoted, the advise that you have given, the teachings you’ve given to your kids ….are tested to the highest degree – and FAILURE IS NOT an option. 

The big challenges when they come to us leaves us feeling extremely vulnerable as we are now are facing a stadium full of witnesses fearfully looking on to see if we can safely cross over to the other side on the tightrope of Life…

There’s a silent mystery about God that only those who are in relationship with Him know that in His silence that’s where our faith and belief in Him is strengthened. 

The tightrope experience is a strategy with God to remind you that you CANNOT control everything in life in order to grow into total dependency on Him and Him alone. 

This sort of dependency on God calls for the expertise of walking above the circumstances and refusing to look down at the madness beneath. You are forced into total dependency on Who God really is. 

When you train your soul to rest in His embrace, the witnesses could be panicking and the loud sighs of ‘ooohs  and ahhs’ from beneath can be distracting – but it’s essential not to look around. Distractions are a setup for FAILURES, SLIPPING, and FALLS. 

There’s always a soft whisper in your ears in the meantime that’s saying, ‘trust me, I’ve have you, for I am yours and you are mines.’ 

God guides you when you willing give Him ALL YOUR UNCONTROLLABLE things. 

When my feet fail and fear surrounds me, God has never failed me and I’m 100% sure, He’s NOT about to start now. 

God has consistently showed up in my life, and guaranteed He is going to SHOW UP and SHOW OFF…so, I just SMILE.

My secret: I keep my eyes above my circumstances and I train my soul to rest on His unchanging grace. 

My trust in my God is WITHOUT borders. When I feel like my trust is beginning to waver, I pull my thoughts back together and I avoid negative thoughts and comments. 

When there’s a flood after a heavy downpour of rain, it’s called nature. There’s no damage claims. No amount of throwing tantrums, no amount of yelling, or screaming can reverse the damage done. It’s uncontrollable weather, better known as an act of God. 

The same is true about everyday events – it’s uncontrollable….simply hand them over to God. 

God tells the oceans where to stop, then certainly He can tell your storms where to stop. 

Challenges are sent to us for one purpose and that is to trust God without borders or limits. 

I will continue my tightrope walks with God because that’s where my faith grows. 

If God tells the ocean where to stop certainly He can take care of ANYTHING in our lives. 

The Word says, You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Your life is like a fog. You can see it for a short time, but then it goes away. ‭‭James‬ ‭4:14‬ ‭ERV‬‬

If our lives are like a fog – why would any intelligent thinking person choose to hold on to uncontrollable things?  Give to the ONLY ONE who can tell the oceans where to STOP!

4 thoughts on “Hand Over ALL Uncontrollable Things

  1. “GOD tells the oceans where to stop, HE can certainly tell my storms when to stop.” Love it!!! Blessings, my dear sweet sister, Junie


  2. God’s eyes are on the sparrows and I know He watches over us all. He feeds the birds and the bees. The scriptures say God will never give us more than what we can bear, but will use the testings and trials to strengthen us. No good thing will He withhold from those who love Him. Walk tall, stay strong as God fights our battles for us.


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