The Answer is Always In The Connection 🔌 Part 1

Do you know that we are all work in progress? Christian or non-Christian. Believer in God or an atheist. Baby or an adult. Rich or poor. King or queen. Ruler or servant.

Our status in life has ABSOLUTELY NO bearing or weight with God. We are more dependent in life on GOD than it has ever once crossed our minds. 

Here is a list of things to ponder on::

  • We’re not our own
  • We’re never ever fully independent 
  • We cannot do anything without the help of the higher supreme being 
  • We are not guaranteed to be alive the very next minute
  • We have no control of our body movements 
  • We are more limited in many ways than we ever once taught about 

Follow my thought pattern with me:

  • Have you ever heard about a wealthy man lying on a hospital bed facing life’s final moments? Wealthy doesn’t mean good health 
  • Have you ever watched a royal funeral? Royalty doesn’t have any glory after the last breath leaves the body 
  • Have you attended a friend’s funeral? There’s nothing more that could have been done to keep them with you 
  • Have you ever witnessed a tragic accident? Memories haunt you day and night
  • Have you ever experienced the grief of a sudden death of a child or loved one? Unbearable pain and sadness 

All of the above, no one has any control of the end result.

Someone recently sent me a video of a young man (45years or there abouts) sitting in his car recording himself crying out for someone to pray for him because he was frustrated with Life. He sounded so desperate as he pleaded for prayers to get his life back  together. He emotionally expressed that he lost his family, his children and wife etc, through his own careless living and he tirelessly tried praying but God was not answering. He spoke passionately about his past mistakes in life and how many people he has since tried to help – emotionally expressing that he once even gave his winter coat to a complete stranger. 

The video was so disturbing for me to watch that I sent a message to my friend indicating that I should have been warned about the contents. To me as emotional as I can be – I was startled as I look into the desperate eyes of this stranger sharing such disturbing thoughts. I felt helpless as though I was about to watch a suicide waiting to happen. 

Stay with me now: When people say that God is not answering their prayers, or they have lost Hope, or that there’s NO God because their lives are in a mess – I wonder if it’s really about God’s capabilities and power or if there’s a CONNECTION problem? 

Yes, you can pray and even read the Bible every day, but if you are not plugged in to God through an itimitate relationship – how can you feel or hear from God? Is it really God to be blamed or is it your connection? 

Do you return a phone to the place of purchase complaining that you cannot hear or make calls? 

Representative: Have you charged your phone? 

Answer: ‘NO’ 

Representative: ‘You have NEVER fully charged your phone? How foolish it is to complain about your phone not functioning when you have never charged it?’ 

Rule 101: A fully charged phone  is necessary to allow it to work in the way it was intended to.

So my questions to all the desperate seekers, whiners, complainers, atheist, Greek, Jew, pauper, king, queen, suicidal, cancer ridden person, prisoners, medical professionals, ME too etc  

Question: Have we checked our connection? Are you attached emotionally to The Vine? Can you confidently confess that your intimate relationship with God is bang on? 

Maybe, we simply need to plug into our power source (GOD) to be recharged until our battery/life is full – just like our IPhone or Samsung devices. 

A person can absolutely read the Bible and pray every day and still not have any connection. It’s really all about the power connection brought on by an intimate relationship with God. 

He’s a friend NOT a statue. He feels, He is a jealous God, He enjoys communicating with his friends, He’s excited when we can trust His Word even when He’s silent. 

Your wife or husband is not expected to respond in a caring and intimate way  to a stranger or a neighbour who passes by your house every day and wave to her or him. 

What your spouse expresses to you in an intimate way is brought about by your intimate connection with each other. No connection – No intimate relationship. 

I trust you’ve got my point? To be continued tomorrow …..

2 thoughts on “The Answer is Always In The Connection 🔌 Part 1

  1. In HIM, we live and move and have our being. Without HIM, I would be nothing. Without HIM, I’ll surely fail. Without HIM, I will be drifting like a ship without a sail.
    Thank you for the sobering reminder. Blessings.


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