The Answer is Always In The Connection 🔌 Part 2

Intimate relationship Vs Casual Relationship. 

An intimate relationship is a relationship where two persons are involved physically and emotionally. There’s trust, acceptance, respect, honesty, verbal and non verbal commitment shared between the two individuals. 


A casual relationship never has the same expectations and experiences as an intimate relationship. There’s a ‘no strings attached’ relationship – keep things light and easy going. It’s not as intense as an intimate relationship.  

Based on the information provided – Can you determine what’s your relationship with God? Is it intimate where trust, acceptance, respect, and honesty are fruits of the relationship? Or is it casual -where there’s no strings attached, light, and easy going without any commitments?

When someone questions the nature or existence of God, you can undeniably assume that there’s no relationship between him and God. The  following are some of the pet peeves of people who struggle believing in God: 

  1. God is invisible – I can’t believe in someone I cannot see
  2. God doesn’t answer my prayers
  3. God is a figment of our imagination 
  4. If God is love therefore people shouldn’t suffer and go hungry
  5. If God is in control, then why is my life a mess

To be honest – these concerns all sound legitimate. But how can you ask questions about God and expect to get honest answers from man? The best person to answer all these questions would be The Master Himself. 

I would be very uncomfortable with anyone asking someone else about me. I think it’s unfair. It will be their opinions which is totally dependent on the TYPE of relationship we shared versus if you get to know me for yourself. 

So many times genuine and sincere Christians who passionately love God are driven to loud arguments, fierce debate and anger  – all in defending God, but certainly God doesn’t need to be debated. Actually, our lifestyles would be a great way to show our loyalty to God. 

God doesn’t require of us to be provoked or drawn into arguments and debates about who He is, or what He’s capable of doing. God doesn’t need a defense team.

The Holy Spirit is quite capable of drawing men and women to God without the hassle of dragging people to God.

Our relationship with God is totally dependent on the level of commitment that we want to invest in. God can mend every broken heart and fill every empty space. God can erase fears of your past, present and even those in your future when your relationship with Him is intimate. 

My personal experiences with God:

  • He allows me to throw a tantrum and be real because He knows my personal relationship with Him is deeper than my current situation 
  • He allows me to cry because He knows that I am weak but my intimate relationship with Him –  He strengthens me over and over again
  • I can fail and makes mistakes because the price of my salvation was paid in full long before I was created taking care of all my failures. His unconditional love covers my weaknesses 
  • I don’t have to pretend to be Holy because there’s none that’s righteous 
  • God carries me when I’m too weak to go on
  • Every battle, every hurt, every pain, every tear, every heartbreak are all part of the bigger plan God has for me
  • God’s plans for my life is better than my dreams when my heart gives way to fear
  • Heaven is full of forgiven people, and my name is written there
  • God knows my heart and He never once questioned me about it
  • God turns every battle into a blessing. Every mess into a message. Every test into a testimony. And with every crisis I’ve proven that He is Christ.

There comes a time in life when you will have to make a clear choice on where your loyalty with God lies. 

2 thoughts on “The Answer is Always In The Connection 🔌 Part 2

  1. ”’Tis so sweet to trust in JESUS, just to take HIM at HIS word”. An intimate relationship allows us to lean on HIS everlasting arms, a place of rest and safety. 💝


    1. Ms JT, I thank you for your encouragement and support. Every day I read your comments there’s an unwavering loyalty that is extremely hard to find in the selfish society we live in.
      Thank you for always being my true friend and sister. Love you. The record shows ❤️🙏🏾


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