Toxic Relationships 

Let’s be honest about toxic relationships. Every one of us have found ourselves in a very toxic relationship or two or three or many. Toxic relationships drain everything from within you leaving you feeling emotionally ‘hijacked’ or ‘kidnapped’. 

The sad thing about being in a toxic relationship is, the people with the negative energy are totally unaware that their behaviour is having a negative impact on others or maybe they simply enjoy pushing other people’s buttons. 

It’s way too stressful dealing with people who take pleasure in creating or stirring up ‘drama’. People can either emotionally drain you or motivate you towards having a spirit of greater excellence and fulfilment. It’s takes the same 24 hours, 7 days a week of either negative or positive energy that you would have to decide on   – so choose your INNER circle wisely

It’s been said that we become like the five persons we spend the most time with. So separate yourself from miserable, annoying, heavy maintenance, difficult, or toxic people before you become like them.

I’ve tried to put together a list of relationships to avoid at all cost:

  1. Angry co-worker
  2. Hateful people 
  3. People who gossip
  4. Argumentative relationships 
  5. Proud people 
  6. Jealous friend/s
  7. Negative energy relationships 
  8. Egotistical individuals
  9. Judgemental people 
  10. Envious acquaintances 
  11. Arrogant folks
  12. Self obsessed people 
  13. Manipulators

Corrective Actions:

  1. There are way too many positive and interesting people to learn from. Success draws success. Happiness is a magnet. Laughter is contagious. 
  2. Tough times are opportunities for learning. You can learn from EVERY experience in life. Don’t despise bad relationships, they are valuable experiences to learn what NOT to do. You’re wiser than you actually believe.
  3. Someone can only try to bring you down to their level if you yourself is not standing on a firm foundation. Stand up and be counted among the champions. Champions stay focus on what’s their next move.
  4. There will always be someone doing better than you – don’t minimize your accomplishments while watching others. Just keep moving forward with full satisfaction that you are a work in progress. It ain’t over until you take your last breath.
  5. Watch out for those who take, take, and take, and never give. Avoid those scenarios like a fallen ‘live wire’ ….there’s Danger ahead 
  6. Refuse to become a silent participant of someone’s self obsession. 

When you can predict someone’s behaviour – consider it WISDOM. Then consciously and purposefully set up your boundaries. 


God hates:

  1. A proud look [the attitude that makes one overestimate oneself and discount others]
  2. A lying tongue
  3. Hands that shed innocent blood
  4. A heart that creates wicked plans
  5. Feet that run swiftly to evil
  6. A false witness who breathes out lies [even half-truths]
  7. One who spreads discord (rumors) among brothers.

‭‭PROVERBS‬ ‭6:16-19‬ ‭AMP‬‬

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