The One Little Ewe Lamb

But the poor man had nothing but one little ewe lamb:

  1. He purchased 
  2. Nourished 
  3. It grew up together with him and his children
  4. It ate his food
  5. Drank from his cup
  6.  Lay in his arms
  7. And was like a daughter to him. ‭‭2 SAMUEL‬ ‭12:3‬ ‭AMP‬‬

The story above was taken from 2 Samuel 12 – it has quite an interesting slant to the parable of a rich man, a poor man and his love for his one little ewe lamb that ate and drank around his table like a daughter to him. The rich man who owned a great deal of his own sheep cheated the poor man by taking his one little lamb. 

You would find this story of stolen love quite intriguing if you have the time to read what the parable revealed. 2 Samuel 12 – the big reveal …the one little ewe lamb was 👉🏾 stolen love, adultery, pregnancy, murder of the woman’s husband who was an innocent and loyal soldier to the king, the coverup, and God dealings with the sin. 

Now, I’ve gotten over the biblical background to the story, I want to take another slant applying it to a real life experience. So grant me permission to share with you my version of the one little ewe lamb in today’s settings.

I kinda of want to believe that the poor man in the parable had a wife who was involved in the nurturing process of the little lamb. The story said, the little ewe lamb ate the food and drank from the cup, and grew up together with the family, etc, etc…

Irregardless of the roles every member of a family plays in maintaining and upkeeping a healthy and happy home, I would like to think the woman of the house has a major role in the raising of a little ewe lamb. 

I believe that the role of a mother should always receive the award for the Best Supporting Cast Member.

Mom is by far the greatest and most prized member of a family. Yes, dad brings home the meals (dollars, security, voice, presence). But, mom prepares the meals (sets the tone, creates the home environment, calmly or sometimes emotionally extinguishes uncontrolled fires) taking into consideration EVERYONE’S choices, capabilities and preferences. 

In the meantime – Mom is trying to control her very own emotions during an attack on the family which are usually overlooked with the chaos, the hustle and the bustle of the family. 

Contemplating taking a pain reliever for a headache? Mom has to first take into consideration ALL that has to be done first ….and most likely she manages to keep going without taking it. There’s just no slowing down as she continues to care for all her prized lambs.

Being a Mom is not for the faint hearted. 

There’s always in every family that ‘one little ewe lamb’ that requires extra care and nurturing … so Mom (alone) believes. 🤔

As far as Mom is concerned there’s always a very rational reason to keep on caring for ‘the one little ewe lamb’ even beyond the stage of adulthood. There’s something about this one little ewe lamb that is just too precious to be sent out into the world like the others. 

Moms are always paranoid that there are some bad vultures waiting to pounce on her little ewe lamb. Certainly, this is NOT anything Mom or Dad or any member of the family wishes could happen, but Life takes on different plots and scenarios.

Have you ever felt cheated in life by unforeseen circumstances that totally blindsided you? The pain, loss and sorrow of something or someone dear and precious to you is absolutely unimaginable. There’s a wrenching heartbreak and stomach turning sadness that goes beyond spoken words. 

But, I can predict that through it all God gives you the grace, ability and the strength to go through ANYTHING. He really does! 

  • Sometimes life is hard.
  • Sometimes we cry. 
  • Sometimes some days are rougher than other days. 
  • Some days Fear weakens and overwhelms you. 
  • Some days you wish that the stuff you’re going through was all really one bad dream

But, believe you me – going through the cascades of these emotions are actually healthy (the current situations are not your final destination) they will eventually lead  you to finding the Healing God. 

It’s okay to experience pain even if it was just to convince you that God CAN heal you. After the storm settles – your life will never be the same again. This too WILL pass. 

“When I walk into the thick of trouble, 

keep me alive in the angry turmoil. 

With one hand strike my foes, 

With your other hand save me. 

Finish what you started in me, GOD. 

Your love is eternal—

don’t quit on me now.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭138:7-8‬ ‭MSG‬‬

Moms, there’s HOPE in God’s Word if we apply it to our circumstances. Don’t lose faith in God irregardless of how awful things appear right now. 
Your little ewe lamb maybe a lost relationship between a Mom and her child. Or maybe a wife who’s husband has walked out on her leaving her emotionless and wounded. Your story is NOT abruptly ended. 

It’s a journey NOT your destination. It’s a layover NOT the end of your trip. 

Remind yourself that every story in life has an amazing ending WITH GOD. Just DO NOT give up!!! If you’re going through hell – DON’T STOP! The light is at the END of the tunnel. 

Dealing with pain, rejection, disappointment, heartache, broken relationships, bitterness etc  – there’s only one Great Physician and His Name is Jesus. When Jesus is invited, He turns up and makes you completely whole and He restores the broken pieces.

Fear goes when Jesus steps in. Worry is gone when you get on your knees.

Question: What’s your story? 

Answer: It MUST have an amazing ending with GOD. 

Whatever is the question – God is THE ANSWER…

4 thoughts on “The One Little Ewe Lamb

  1. What a privilege to carry everything to GOD in prayer. Thank GOD for the praying mothers who found and find their strength in the secret place of the Most High. Thank you, Junie, for this inspiring word of hope and a reminder to look beyond our “now”. Blessings, my dear sister ❤


  2. David went to look after the one sheep that went astray. Our God is far more caring than that.
    Excellent thoughts.


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