We Repeat What We Don’t Repair

When things get broken we usually throw them out into the garbage. When our hearts gets broken we spill the beans and contaminate all other relationships (past, present and future). When we fail at something, shame and embarrassment clouds our eyes and hearts then we run away and hide.

I’ve been fascinated by this Japanese form of art on broken pieces. It’s called:

The gold filled cracks in our lives are a testimony of restoration and beauty. There’s no reason or lies that the opposing forces can throw at us to intimidate us into hiding our hideous scars. Our past, our scars, our shame are all a major part of our beautiful testimonies. We are chosen and handpicked survivors of all that we went through to get us where we are today. Many people did not complete the journey. You are a survivor, I am a survivor. Our beauty after being broken is our message to the world. 

Everything I’ve ever gone through in my life that was meant to destroy me turned around to become my trophy in life. I’ve learnt to accept my inadequacies – work silently on them and walk away feeling restored and blessed. I’m strong today because I was aware of my weaknesses but I was more determined to keep going until I was satisfied with my life. 

I never remembered having a fan club to encourage or inspire me, but I will always remember the days I thought I couldn’t survive the storms – those were the same storms that gave me the courage to go on today and write my stories.

God will NOT allow any person, object or thing to keep you from your destiny. God knows how to get all of us around the obstacles that were meant to deter us from our destiny. 

Give God your weaknesses and He will give you His strength. 

Keep praying. Keep believing. Miracles and breakthroughs happen all the time. You have no time for regret, worry, fear or drama – negative energy is non productive baggage for the journey ahead. 

Travel light. No past baggage are allowed. Let them GO!!!

Everything the enemy has stolen – God will restore. 

Everyone of us have that little gift of a mustard seed of faith to turn everything that was meant to hurt us into a bold testimony. If you have regrets, sadness, hopelessness – now is the time to get up and take one step forward. 

If you want to succeed – you need TOUGH FAITH. Don’t stop moving. 

The pieces of your life are more beautiful after being broken. Whose report do you believe? Stop repeating and reciting the wrongs in your life and start repairing with gold whatever went wrong. 

4 thoughts on “We Repeat What We Don’t Repair

  1. Junie, thank you for this inspirational reminder that GOD can repair our brokenness. HE can make something beautiful out of our lives. Blessings!

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