Interesting Thoughts About Women

I enjoy blogging diverse topics such as: family life stories, world news, and of course my favorite Bible stories.   

In my blog today, I’m looking at another very interesting topic – Eve partaking of the fruit in the Garden. 

After observing our behaviour as women, I want to believe that we are daily living with the consequences of Eve eating the fruit in the Garden of Eden?  
This thought has been doing somersaults in my mind as I frustratingly look on at issues that women have with each other. 

What make women hate each other?  It must have started in the Garden when Eve ate the fruit. After sin, comes guilt then hatred….Eve must have been upset with herself. Her life was changed from freedom to bondage. And she was now unhappy.

Didn’t God tell them not to eat fruit from the tree? Disobedience always have consequences. Your life is changed forever. Either one learns from her mistakes or she loses hope in the process.

Why are women mean to other women? It must be in our DNA. As soon as Adam and Eve ate the fruit – God appeared….their next step – they sewed fig leaves together to hide their nakedness. Blame Game (he said, she did, her decision), Body Image, Insecurity, Shame, are some of the aftermath of Eve’s disobedience. 

God asked, ‘who told you that you were naked?’ Hmmmmm….beauty and body image started in the Garden. 

The curse  – The pressure on women to look a certain way is a lot of pressure for confident women who now have to live up to their high maintenance lifestyles, and it’s even by far a challenging quest for an insecure girl/teenager/young lady/adult to emotionally compete and maintain her body image while living in the jungle of competing women. 

This does not mean that women should not look after themselves nor go out and shop. Getting dressed up is fun. Girls will always be girls. It’s the evilness and cruelty among women that makes a good girl go bad. 

Men do not feel the pressure like women do. A woman will take dozens of selfies before choosing one. A man hates selfies because they are not naturally proned to putting much emphasis on their own appearances. 

Here is what I think are the ongoing curses/consequences/sins of Eve’s disobedience that has passed down to us as women:

  • Looks – the prettiest girl always believes she’s wearing the beauty crown, and she struts it. The other girls who feel jealous and insecure ends up staying away from the lights  – hiding behind stained glasses looking from the inside out
  • Gossip – women are judges and juries of other women. They are very critical of other women and enjoy putting others down. They go as far as destroying other women’s characters by gossiping to other women 
  • Pride – the higher the heels is the longer and louder are the runways. Women’s egos elevates them in a way unknown to man. Women enjoys flaunting their competitiveness and they do it well much to the envy of the most insecure women who simply enjoys wearing flip flops…
  • Weight – the skinner the woman is the more she displays her body. The fatter the woman is the more she hides her body. There’s an invisible hatred of both groups of women to each other 
  • Competitiveness – females love the word – competition. They enjoy stepping on other people just to become the star. If any other woman unintentionally takes the leading role, the fingers become claws and the gloves are now off 

Mother Eve has left trails of consequences from her disobedience to God. We as women are still sewing fig leaves together  – the irony of it all is, some of us have sewn more or less fig leaves together than others (classy vs sexy looks). 

Adam hadn’t the slightest clue into the devastation he partly created by him not taking leadership in the Garden. Men do not know what it feels like to be a woman living in a woman’s world. Instead men have become vultures waiting to capture the next top model, thereby creating competition among women. 

Insecurity brings out the worst attributes in women. Women who are insecure – snub women who are pretty and successful. On the other side of the coin is, the pretty and successful woman snubs the insecure woman. It’s a zoo mentality among women….the cats are daily at war. 

Is it possible for all women to just get along? Is it expecting too much if women begin to empower other women? Sounds kinda impossible. 

There’s HOPE – Jesus has walked back into the Garden experience removing the hostility and redeeming all those who come to Him. Only by knowing Jesus can you have the real security and confidence as women. 

Without Jesus – your life will be the most miserable of them all. Insecurity can only be fixed by accepting the unconditional love of Jesus. Clothes don’t satisfy. Looks don’t satisfy. Body image don’t satisfy. Money don’t satisfy – if you don’t believe me then ask Google or Hollywood.

There are three kinds of friendships:

  • Friends for a reason
  • Friends for a season
  • Friends for life

Follow this simple biblical rule to all three kinds of friendships:

“Do all you can to live a peaceful life. 

Mind your own business, and earn your own living, as we told you before. 

If you do these things, then those who are not believers will respect the way you live. 

And you will not have to depend on others for what you need.” ‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭4:11-12‬ ‭ERV‬‬

6 thoughts on “Interesting Thoughts About Women

  1. Thank GOD for HIS love that covers us and for HIS robe of righteousness with which HE clothes us. Each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made in HIS likeness. Loving others because HE first loved us. There is enough love to go around. Thank you for going back to where it all began.


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