The Privilege Pass

As citizens on earth we are troubled on every side. In every home, in every family, in every marriage, in every business, in every school, in every government etc  – there’s trouble. There’s an epidemic of evil and unimaginable things that have and continues to plague our world. 

Hurt and pain, sickness and death, bombings and devastations, murders and suicide etc are quickly becoming the new norm. The consciousness of man is pretty much destroyed and we are daily seeing the repercussions of a lawless society. 

The consequences of a rootless generation make the headlines everyday – boys growing up without fathers facing court hearings for hideous crimes, girls becoming promiscuous at an early age and dropping out of school, seniors being raped by caregivers, displaced citizens murdered by gangs on the street, and certainly my list can go on and on. 

The saddest part of all these awful world events is that no one seems to be disturbed, shocked or surprised any longer. Gradually, our hearts are losing the compassion, empathy and love for each other. 

Jesus tells us that in the world we WILL have TROUBLE BUT we can take heart because He has OVERCOME the world. 

That means the ENTIRE WORLD is under God’s jurisdiction. We live in the world. The world have trouble. 

But we have a PRIVILEGE PASS that we can depend on when our heart is troubled – “take heart” the God we serve has overcome the world. Trouble will come – Christian or non Christian but the only difference is – Christians have a mighty force that stands behind us that has already overcome all the world’s issues. 

So pull out your Privilege Pass better known as “take heart” ….our Commander in Chief got this!!! 

GOD IS FAITHFUL AND HE IS ALWAYS WATCHING OVER YOU AND I. He’s our protector, comforter, healer, deliverer, provider, and any and every thing that we need Him to be. 

Whatever our circumstances may be, we can pull out any scripture in God’s Word and remind Him that we’re leaning on His everlasting arms. Fear and panic may come knocking on our hearts BUT our soul, our inner peace and our strength rests in CHRIST ALONE! 

I’ve had countless moments in my life where fear and anxiety gripped my heart, but then I suddenly would feel a calming peace and reassurance just because I took my fears and anxiety to God. There’s enormous power in one simple prayer – “Lord, have mercy”, “Lord, HELP!”

Prayer is…simply talking with and to God about EVERYTHING that’s on your mind. He can interpret and transform your prayers into powerful testimonies and dynamic messages. 

Here’s your Privilege Pass:  

When God is ALL you have, then GOD is ALL you need. If God brings to you to whatever you’re facing, He will bring you THROUGH it.

Finally, WHEN you pray tell God EVERYTHING and leave everything there with Him. Stand up. Hold your head up high. Walk forward. Don’t look back. Look up. He’s got you!!!! 

5 thoughts on “The Privilege Pass

  1. A wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Lord
    A wonderful Saviour to me
    HE hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock
    Where rivers of pleasure I see


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