My Praying Mother

All that I am today was built on the foundations of my praying mother who deliberately invested everything in her offsprings. I thank God that I had a praying mother. I thank God that she instilled in me a devotion and love for God. Today, my most cherished life memories and accomplishments came out of my personal relationship with God. 

My mother was the glue that held her family together. I gained my strength literally sitting at her feet first thing in the morning and last thing at night. My Mom didn’t teach me how to stand up and have a physical fight because she was a beautiful peaceful woman that fought ALL her personal battles on her knees. 

Her resilience and passion for everything about God had been her winning achievement of faith, and ultimately I’ve learnt how to fight on my knees. 

Her faith kept us winning as children. My Mom had the power to fix everything that was broken, and she had the mathematical knowledge of feeding all of us with two loaves and a fish. Certainly, she may not have had the knowledge of the several different grades of academics each one of her children studied, but she never turned into her bed until the last child was done with their homework.

My Mom was a nurse by profession – but at home, she was a woman who knew how to emotionally bandage bruises and cuts – she showed tremendous courage in emergency situations. 

Her meekness but yet bravery and boldness quietly won my heart as a child. She was filled with faith, and each one of her children grew up with an undying faith in God. My Mom’s actions and maternal instinct were my personal valuable lessons. She was a stalwart of true faith who created a positive world for her children. 

My mother couldn’t be everywhere but she made certain that every time we went out … her children walked hand in hand with each other. She either sent us two by two or all together. My siblings were my friends and their friends were my friends. Our community was blessed because she censored everything that we did. 

I thank God that I had a praying mother. And now that my Mom is no longer here, I’ve still have a strong faith in God that she had instilled in me. 

I’m blessed today because I had a praying Mother. My kids are blessed because they had a praying Grandmother. My grandchildren are blessed because they had a praying Great-grandmother. The world is going to be better today because I had a praying mother and her legacy lives on.

It’s approximately 34 years since my Mom passed away ….I may never get over the passing of my mother but I’ve learnt to live with it.   


13 thoughts on “My Praying Mother

    1. Thank you Sweetheart. You were too young to know Granny but her legacy and memories are all written upon our hearts. We belong to a great family of Faith πŸ™πŸΎ


  1. Precious! Thank you, June! You are so right! Our mother’s legacy is her prayer and her great faith for each of her children and for our generations. We owe it to do the same for those who will follow us.
    Thank you for this moment of reflection. Timely! Welcome!


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