Raising Healthy Homes with Children at the HEART ❤️ 

Last week someone asked me – “Which blog was my favourite one?”  To be honest, I was caught off guard because I write out of a passion and love for whatever topic my thoughts may be dwelling on. I enjoy re-reading all my blogs over after some time has passed – to update my thoughts or to edit wherever it’s required. 

My blog today is a modified version of one of my past blogs. 

Some chapters in our lives are just worth re-reading/re-writing…

👉🏾 “Raising healthy homes with Children at the heart.” 

If you ever wondered what life looked like in the days before television and the internet, I am happy to share my memories with you: 

  • Back in the days – Children were the HEART of the home
  • Mothers would read or shared great stories to inspire and motivate Godly principles. 
  • Evenings were occupied with family games after homework was done 
  • Home entertainment featured the kids putting on top class performances for the entire family 
  • Evening family walks were a fun time when the days were hot. Life lessons were taught along the way 
  • Sitting on the steps sharing jokes with each other and about each other  – it was an accomplishment if we got everyone laughing especially the elders
  • Enjoying and sharing whatever fruit was in Season (mangoes, guavas, plums etc) at the time with an unannounced rule to share if there wasn’t enough to go around 
  • Grandpa walks over from a couple houses away  – no questions asked – anyone who was enjoying sitting on the big arms rocker had to gave it up  (it was a his favourite chair) 
  • The kids played game after game entertaining our audience which faithfully comprised of Mommy, grandpa and any other elders present 
  • We were taught valuable lessons by our mother who taught us honour and respect for everyone and more so our elders 

The result of our upbringing – 

  • We respected and honoured our elders at school, church, in the community, and anywhere we went. Motto- We are proud ambassadors of our family’s name once we stepped outside our home
  • The villagers were permitted to play an active disciplinary role in our lives whenever necessary 
  • Our Mom was the Queen of our home, therefore respect for Mother was mandatory and unquestionable 
  • Our grandpa was the honourable member of our family without question and was well respected by all 
  • Being part of a large family we were able to recover quickly from hurt, pain and sadness because there was always a sibling or two to make you laugh by their wisecracks of your unfortunate circumstances 
  • Siblings were our best friends. We didn’t need outside friends. We fought with each other, but we loved each other just as hard. We were protected and loved by each other

    Children today are not naturally respectful, honest or polite. Children must be taught valuable characteristics that will develop – Respect, Responsibilities, Empathy and Integrity. These are valuable basic home ethics that should be upheld by all. 

    Children who miss out on these valuable basic upbringing, and those who aren’t given set guidelines and boundaries at home …. eventually become brilliant manipulators playing off parents, grandparents, and by a greater extension the community at large.

    Our job is to teach children to be respectful to others, and not just you. Permitting  your children to ignore constructive criticism or corrective advice other than your own ….may only later on create confusion in your children minds with severe repercussions to you the parent – it takes a village to raise one child. 

    Parenting is tough work. 

    Kids are usually empowered by their doting parents. It takes a village to raise a healthy and well rounded child. 

    • Parents need grandparents
    • Kids need parents and grandparents
    • Families need cousins, aunts, uncles and well meaningful and good intentional villagers 
    • To establish a safety net around the home and their children in cases of emergencies. 

    Behind every tribe is another tribe standing behind as protectors of the land (children). 

    While it’s a noble thing to raise your family in the ways you desire – it can a dangerous thing to do it alone without the input of the tribe. 

    Wisdom can be found in the counsel of MANY. 

    It’s healthy to turn off all devices at least for one hour per week – simply to have family time. 


    11 thoughts on “Raising Healthy Homes with Children at the HEART ❤️ 

    1. What we do or do not do now will impact the quality of the next generation. We are not only shaping our own family but also society.
      Very true!


    2. Another good blog today, Junie. Awesome reminiscing on our youthful days and the free and priceless fun we shared. You are right – the older I get, the more I treasure my siblings. I am so blessed 🤗💝💞


    3. This is what I call nostalgia. It reminds me with a smile of the good old days. Everyone today is just too busy. I hope we can revive and re-institute some of the quality family times. The world will be a better place.
      Very pertinent blog.


    4. Home made ice cream on Sunday afternoon, home made snacks, fun times. We were indeed richer than kings because we were grounded and had each other. Thanks for the memories 💝


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