How Long is Too Long?

Have you ever been desperate for God to answer a prayer, but then you gave up waiting after a few days, months, or years of praying?

What’s the longest time have you ever waited for God to answer a prayer? 8 hours? 21 days? 29 years?

Prayer is hard work. Sorry, but there’s no set time limit for prayers to be answered. One fact is 100% certain – God is still working on your behalf, so it’s important to keep your HOPE alive. 

God’s ways are not like our ways. His thoughts are not like our thoughts. 

One day with the Lord is like 1000 years and 1000 years are like 1 day. 

Scenario 1: A man detailing his car will take hours to detail it, but the joy and pride when it’s all done is his reward. 

Scenario 2: A bride’s preparation for her wedding day. It takes years of planning, countless hours of the actual wedding day preparation, anxiety, lots of tears, and unforeseen delays, but in the end it was worth every ounce of stress. It all faded away into the sunset as she dances away on the floor holding her husband’s secured and loving hands. 

Scenario 3: Birth of a child. Months of pregnancy. Swollen eyes, swollen feet, thighs, pounds of added weight and carrying a huge tummy. Tears and long hours of labor pain brings on second thoughts filled with fear…but, then comes The Joy of holding her new born baby – it super exceeded all that transpired before. Pain is forgotten. Joy is overwhelming as she cuddles her newborn baby.

How important is it for you to hold on and wait for the answer to your prayer? Is it worth waiting and refusing to give up until God answers? YES!! Most definitely!!

The LORD shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace!!

Life is full of emotions – it feels like a roller coaster…up and down, high and low, oozing tummy rolls, laughter and tears, bad and good memories … all packed into one person’s life. Setbacks are normal and we all face challenges, but only those who endure to the end – reaps the promises. 

Honestly, you learn a lot while waiting. There’s always something positive that you couldn’t see before in a difficult situation. Even when things look worse, it’s important to keep on trusting God. 

Possible Reasons for delay: 

  • God wants to stretch our faith
  • He’s working  on the other person and/or you
  • To see what’s in your heart…if you will give up and do your own thing
  • A delayed answer is many times our greatest unforeseen blessing 
  • God could very likely be saving you from someONE or someTHING that has the potential to destroy you. 

Here’s a story found in the Bible of woman who prayed for a very long time:

  1. “Hannah was HEARTBROKEN and was CRYING AS SHE PRAYED “Lord All-Powerful, PLEASE let me have a son.”
  2. Hannah prayed SILENTLY to the Lord for a LONG time. 
  3. But I do FEEL miserable and terribly upset. 
  4. I HAVE BEEN PRAYING all this time, telling the Lord about my problems.”
  5. LATER the Lord blessed Elkanah and Hannah with a son. 
  6. She named him Samuel BECAUSE she had asked the Lord for him.”

‭‭1 Samuel 1:9-28 

In my moments of fear, through every pain and every tear – there’s a God who’s been faithful to me. 

When my strength was all gone, when my heart had no song. Still in love He’s proved faithful to me.

Every word He’s promised is true. What I thought was impossible – I’ve seen my God do. He’s been faithful to me!! Lyrics of a song “He’s been faithful”. 

6 thoughts on “How Long is Too Long?

  1. Junie, what an encouraging blog! To GOD be the glory! This made me call to mind how faithfully and unswervingly our Mother steadfastly and earnestly prayed the same prayer each day. So many years later we see the fruit of her prayers in ways that none of us could have ever imagined. Sovereign LORD – our Mother’s GOD! It really is so sweet to trust in JESUS! Blessings, Always 👭 💝


  2. No good thing will He withhold from those who love the Lord. Yes, the answer may be delayed at times, but God has promised us ‘no good thing will he withhold


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