Bloom Where You Are Planted ๐ŸŒน

We only get one chance at life and unfortunately there’s no dress rehearsal before our arrival date on earth. From the moment we left the womb until our departure – we all would encounter many seasons. Some we will enjoy and many we would have to simply endure.

 Maturity doesn’t come with age …  it comes with learning to build a firm foundation with everything that was meant to destroy you. 

Understanding your purpose is key to finding your happiness. 

Understanding what is:

  • YOUR goal
  • YOUR dream
  • YOUR journey 
  • YOUR experience 
  • YOUR expectations 
  • YOUR motivation 
  • YOUR destination 
  • YOUR values. 

Gets you ahead of the game. 

Once these are put into the hard-drive of your mind – nobody can diminish your worth. As soon as YOU value yourself and put in the work to become who God created you to be – then you will learn to be at peace ( even in the midst of an ongoing war) and enjoy everything along the journey to your destination. 

Having positive thoughts are NOT enough. It’s important to add positive feelings and positive actions to get you through:

  • the storms
  • the naysayers
  • the midnight hour
  • the missed opportunity
  • the haters
  • the distractors
  • the obstacles courses
  • the comparison seasons 

So many times in my lifetime I felt like a failure, a mistake, a nobody, and worse of all – I’ve felt like I needed to exchange my birthright (journey) which was God’s original plan for me at birth. I didn’t understand and appreciate the soil I was planted in. 

BUT God who is rich in mercy, grace and favor …one day turned me around to see MY reflection in the mirror. Once I was able to see my godly image (purpose), I began to blossom in my moments of fear and doubt, and my life took on a whole new meaning to my journey. 

I told the negative committee that was meeting inside of my head that the meeting was immediately terminated, and I was no longer chairing the meeting. What a beautiful and powerful feeling it is to know that you can control your environment. 

The first step out of the negative thoughts into the positive is:

I’m so grateful for the strength and the confidence that God graciously SHOWERED on me to see and value my worth. 

God empowered me and showed me HIS master plan for MY life. I see Christ in my crisis. I see Hope instead of darkness. From the moment I refused to go back to my state of insecurity – boom! – everything changed. I uprooted my insecurity and moved my thoughts into some new soil. 

I’m a child of the King. I know who I am. God’s plans for my life is worth fighting for. I’m NO longer a slave to fear. 

Positive thoughts, feelings and actions bought me back to reality. I was lovingly reminded of my dream and my destination which were customized to my personal journey. 

It would have been a personal tragedy if I had self destroyed my God given purpose (journey) seeking someone else’s bowl of soup (experiences). 

Comparison is a thief of happiness and purpose. Let’s encourage each other to bloom with grace wherever we are planted. Your mind is your garden and your thoughts are your seeds. 

On repeat every day and you should too:

4 thoughts on “Bloom Where You Are Planted ๐ŸŒน

  1. You are kind. You are gracious. You are intelligent. You are intuitive. You are inspirational. You are obedient. You are walking in your calling. You are blessed. You are loved. ๐Ÿ‘ญ๐Ÿ’


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