Mother. Ma. Mom. Mommy. Mama 

Mothers are: 

  • Story tellers
  • Broken heart healer
  • Psychologist
  • Problem solver
  • Doctor on call
  • 24 hours nurse
  • Lawyer
  • Personal shopper 
  • Cheerleader
  • Negotiator
  • Mediator 
  • Teacher
  • Adviser
  • Comedian 
  • Telephone operator 
  • Custodian 
  • Debater
  • Chauffeur 

    The role of a Mother is a lifelong journey that starts from the moment of conception to when her own heart stops beating. 

    It’s been said — “A mother will only ever be in three places: 

    1. In FRONT of you to CHEER you on
    2. BEHIND you to have your BACK
    3. NEXT to you so you aren’t walking alone.

    It’s been three decades since my mother passed away, but I will always remember the things she taught me and how much she loved every one of her children.

    If your Mother is alive — call her, tell her you love her, and remember one day God will need her back. 
    Life starts with a Mother. 

    God gave us those little bundles of joy to nurture, to care for, to love, to inspire, to discipline and to send them out into their own worlds to perform as champions. No one else can mother our children like us. No one can take our place in the lives of our children.

    Mothers have the gift of meticulously balancing their world without dropping the ball in any area of her life. There’s no perfect mother. Every child is unique. Every situation is unique. Every challenge is different. 

    The job of a mother is priceless, irreplaceable, and unforgettable. Regardless of how many children you have and how many crazy things you are sometimes forced to endure — a good mother will always, always love ALL her children unconditionally. 

    Mothers, we are more powerful than we choose to believe — especially if you became a mother before the World Wide Web was born ( 20 years ago):

    • We assumed the role of a parent  without – classes, or reading a book, or Google. We successfully raised our children as healthy, happy and confident adults. Today, we look on at our children who are now parents themselves and watch how they have to Google everything, read every piece of parenting literature, enroll in parenting classes …just to become awesome parents like us
    • We have earned the legal rights to becoming official stalkers/helicopter Moms because our babies/children were never out of our sight. It’s a role we happily took on to better manage our anxieties. Otherwise we would have been biting our nails
    • We are great lecturers – a degree we worked long hours and years for … from our child’s birth to her 18th year. Our daily lectures were geared to making them independent and successful adults. When we hear them say, “Okay MOTHER” at 18 years and older in a drawn out and dramatic way – we know they have got it right
    • We can be our child’s worst nightmare – we appear in our children’s dreams and into the dreams of anyone who dares to try and hurt our ‘adorable little angels’. We are fearless creatures who have secretly killed many giants in the dark
    • We drive our children insane – this comes from years of having to repeat the same things to them every morning and every night. Mission accomplished 
    • We are the only women who can wear the same clothes everyday while dropping our kids off to school – time is of essence Mothers don’t compete in beauty pageants. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest — clothes are rated as a 1 on any given school day
    • Our children are still a mystery to us and we remain a mystery to them way into their adult years. We have mastered the art of being brave and strong and broken all at once …and we have kept on loving them like the first day they were born. It’s a mystery 
    • Our stretch marks, insomnia, weight gain, belly fat, and puffy eyes are all part of our resume. Who needs cosmetic surgery after raising smart, educated and highly confident children. They are our trophies which we proudly display for the whole world 
    • Our children will strife even though we feel imperfect. Children are born resilient. They recover quickly after demanding that they eat their green veggies and drink their eight glasses of water

    Mother. Ma. Mom. Mommy. Mama: To the world — You are a Mother, but to your family — you are their WORLD 🌎 

    Now go on and rock your world with your self made rules 🌎 

    4 thoughts on “Mother. Ma. Mom. Mommy. Mama 

    1. Precious memories, how they linger! So thankful for the blessing of a godly mother. Blessings to all your readers.


    2. Beautiful.

      Happy Mother’s Day to you and thanks for the excellent job you have done in raising four beautiful daughters and for the others you have cared for down through the years.


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