I Am Baffled But Not In Despair 

“Workers may or may not have enough to eat, BUT at least they can get a GOOD night’s sleep. 

The rich, HOWEVER, have so much that they STAY awake worrying.”

‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭5:12‬ ‭GNT‬‬

Dear Readers, 

In your everyday hustle to make money, have a good life, afford everything your heart desires, and meet your daily demands — please DON’T leave this earth WITHOUT knowing who JESUS is. 

Let’s face it — Life is a struggle for everybody:

  • Workers/Employees may NOT have enough to eat but they go to bed and their sleep is sweet because they are free from cares and fears. 

  • Bosses/Rich people enjoy the abundance of food but they go to bed and stay awake all night worrying. Their abundance keeps them up at nights. They fear for their wealth. Their minds are often distracted by their next move. 

Most people have a hard time accepting their life and dealing with life. But the truth is we all have to deal with whatever ‘hand’ we are handed — whether it’s personal or career.

Running away from problems is not a brilliant idea. No one can outrun what’s running through your head. The problems actually got started in your head. 

Your thoughts became words and your words turned into feelings and your feelings turned into actions…

💥💥💥 Stay with me to the end. Today I’ve included real news clippings into my blog which makes it a little lengthy but it’s worth the read. 

I’m baffled but not in despair as I did some research on how the following people handled their personal life’s challenges….remember— we are free to choose HOW we live our lives — but we are never free of the CONSEQUENCES:

  • Resentment ….

  • Anger ……

  • Fear ….

  • Depression ….


  • Anxiety ….

  • Shock ….

  • Embarrassment….

  • Jealousy …..

  • Guilt….

Because of the GRACE of GOD, we who are reading this — are doing everything we can to stay positive in a world where thirty seconds of negative thinking can be catastrophic…baffled but not in despair. 

It should NOT be surprising if I remind you that our God still remains totally in control of ALL our uncontrollable situations. 

Yes, we can survive everything that the devil will daily throw at us if we learn to lean heavily on God as our resource.

Whenever the devil attacks, he begins to celebrate right away thinking it’s all over for us. Hahaha, —’Not so fast Devil— that was just your shot now it’s God’s turn’…

God’s Word reminds us that we must NOT depend on our own understanding. With Jesus in our boat — we can smile at the storms. 

  1. God promises to assign an angel to each one of us to lead us along our journey in life. (It may be important for me to note here that the angel assigned to each of us has nothing to do with our loved ones who has passed away). God’s angels are heavenly beings, not spirits of dead humans. Psalms 8: 4-5
  2. God admonishes us not to be impressed with our own wisdom. More times than not — human beings enjoy playing the role of God. We hate to believe that we can’t figure out our lives on own. We feel empowered when we have everything under control. But yet we spend sleepless nights just trying to figure out our next moves instead of committing our every move to God. 
  3. ‭‭No matter how wealthy or gifted you are, nobody can live two days at a time. The Lord’s Prayer says, “give us this day our daily bread” — God promises us strength daily. 

One day at a time. 

4 thoughts on “I Am Baffled But Not In Despair 

  1. Praise GOD that we do serve GOD who is in control. We can therefore, cast all our cares on HIM, for HE cares for us. O what a blessed assurance! 💝


  2. We should only despair when there is no hope. With God on our side there is indeed not only hope, but answers.


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