You Will Survive Everything!

I’m going here today:

We all:

  •  Men
  • Women
  • Children 
  • Grandchildren 
  • Grandparents 
  • Extended family members
  • In-laws

All deserve the rights to respect, personal space, peace, and safety in the home. Nothing beats a peaceful home. A peaceful home is more valuable than a table spread before a King.

“A dry crust of bread eaten in peace and quiet 

is better than 

a feast eaten where everyone argues.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭17:1‬ ‭CEVDCUS06‬‬

People who make you feel hard to love — are the ones you should stay far away from. 

Do you know that an abuser is someone with a split personality? They can FOOL people outside the home with their quiet and charismatic personalities….but when they are home they abuse those inside the home. 

It’s heartbreaking when someone has to constantly live in fear of a person’s anger and rage. It’s like walking barefoot on a long road with broken glass strewn everywhere. It’s just heart rending. 

Domestic violence is a cycle that is very difficult to break.

Domestic violence has nothing to do with anger management. The goal of anger management is to teach people how to control their reactions when faced with situations that anger them. Domestic violence has NOTHING to do with anger management. 

Domestic violence is a HEART PROBLEM. The abuser is intrigued with the thought that he or she has the ability to control and take power over their victim. There’s NO LOVE connection. It’s an egotistical behavior…

The Bible calls on us to love one another. God teaches us that the woman IS the weaker vessel and the man is called upon to LOVE  his wife as Christ loved the Church. Human beings are the Church! 

Love isn’t supposed to hurt.

Abuse is the opposite of love — abuse is hatred and disrespect for others. 

Your health, peace and safety are more important than staying in an abusive relationship where there’s a well spread table waiting for everyone to partake. 

The shame of being abused is exactly what gives an abuser 100% more power. 

Exposing their actions and behavior will create change either positively or negatively. But either way you have made a choice not to remain a victim. 

♥️♥️ Tell yourself that you have survived the abuse — so you are going to survive the recovery. ♥️♥️

The war is really to STOP the abusers NOT the victims. 

Caution: An abusive person will show they’re changed when their behavior matches their words. 

Abusive partners NEVER walk out of a relationship — they are addicted to the control and power. 

It’s not love that’s keeping them close to you — it’s the power of control they love.

ONLY JESUS can heal the scars and wounds left by an abuser. The abuser CANNOT repair the damage caused by the abuse — it’s only Jesus that can give you complete reassurance and bold confidence after the heart is broken. 

A safe place to recover from hurts is Christian counselling, or speaking with your Pastor, or Christian friends who can support and pray with you until your receive your breakthrough. 

You survived the abuse. You will survive the recovery!! 

3 thoughts on “You Will Survive Everything!

  1. A very powerful and empowering message today. I pray that victims will find strength, support and victory. We also pray that abusers will find JESUS, who alone can save and change lives. Blessings! 💕


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