YOU Are NOT A Rag Doll

A rag doll is a soft child toy made of cloth in the shape of a person. I vividly remembered purchasing the rag doll – ‘Raggedy Ann’ for one of my girls. It’s mind boggling how a beautiful colorful soft doll with long body limbs can endure the horrible treatment of a toddler (teardrops stains, literally dragged all around the house and car, placed on the grocery carts, never got washed etc) and still be inseparable from it’s little owner. 

How many times do we allow Satan to physically, mentally and emotionally drag us around like rag dolls? How awful it is to feel so excited about life one day and yet feel completely disconnected from life the next day. 

Satan waits until we feel weak and vulnerable (most days) then he attacks our minds with things that are completely outside of our control. And worse yet — he makes us second guess and doubt God’s promises.

When we find ourselves questioning God’s Word and His promises to us — we are in big trouble. Satan will drag us around like rag dolls. He’s excellent at destroying our lives with feelings and emotions. 

James tells us that whenever we are having many kinds of challenges we should be happy. The human reasoning is — no one can honestly be happy when they are going through hard times. 

But God’s Word said we should be happy….Now, whose report do we believe? Do we enjoy being treated like a rag doll — being beaten up and left feeling happy and unhappy all within a day ….simply because we chose to feel that we’re wiser than God? 

God’s Word says, when we are faced with difficulties — it’s the only way to TEST our faith. The reason for our faith being tested is to produce spiritual MATURITY and INNER PEACE from God. 

When our faith is completely developed we lack NOTHING. NO MORE bouncing around with unstable emotions, thoughts or feelings. It’s like living in an air bag of security knowing that God is working on developing my maturity and inner peace. 

It’s training time. Time to be coached by a loving God. 

If we are uncertain on how to get through a decision or circumstance — we are to ask God for wisdom. Ask in faith without doubting. We become good at listening while God directs. 

The greatest person in the kingdom of heaven is the one who makes himself humble as a child. 

A child always trust his parents. 

4 thoughts on “YOU Are NOT A Rag Doll

  1. Thankful for the reminder that we can trust GOD, our Heavenly Father, who loves us, protects us and always has our best interest at heart. Happy day! Happy day!

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