When All Else Fails – Jesus Still Remains Enough!

Life has a way of showing us what really matters. Many times we place a lot of emphasis on material things than building healthy relationships. Healthy relationships take time, hard work, proper communication and commitment. It takes the same amount of investment to build a relationship with Jesus. 

Case #1: No one goes into a marriage to arrive in a divorce court. If you sincerely love someone, you will not leave them for a few faults — but life happens and some do leave. Love is greater than trying to find perfection in each other — but yet we look for perfection in others. Simple and uncomplicated things in life can create huge problems in a marriage forcing it to end in divorce. 

Case #2: A parent and child relationship is different from all other relationships. You give your child the best without any hesitation. You teach your children all the necessary lessons and give them the best education you can afford….But there comes a time when your child is all grown up and will make that decision whether they want to remain connected to you or run far away from you. 

Case#3: Health wise – you take good care of yourself. You eat healthy. You exercise regularly. You pursue happiness and find it. You get enough sleep. You laugh more than you cry. But suddenly you are faced with an illness that no amount of money can reverse the devastating outcome. 
So what’s next if there is a:

  • Divorce
  • Broken parent and child relationship
  • Illness

These are just three (3) of an exhaustive list of life’s challenges that we face in the journey of life. 

Great reminder: In the beginning there was JESUS, and at the end of broken dreams you will still have Jesus waiting to hold your hands. 

When all else fails – there’s still JESUS!

 In the hustle and bustle of life … how you see yourself is what really matters. See yourself as a chosen child of King Jesus. You are royalty and it’s a great time to come back to your senses and take up your royal position with Him.

In Christ alone, our hope is found. He is our light, our strength and our song. Together, we will continue to stand in Christ love. 

To trust God is to let go of your failures, your insecurities and all those things that lies outside of your control. 

God gives you one out of three answers:

  1. He can say yes and gives it to you right away
  2. He can say no and give you something better 
  3. He can say wait and give you something better 

Either way — you win. 

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