Was It A Bad Day or Just Someone With A Bad Attitude?

A bad day is when things didn’t go as planned. There are several factors to take into consideration when referring to a day — weather, exhaustion, conflicting events, personalities etc. A bad day IS NOT a bad life.  

People with bad attitudes leave you feeling all messed up and exhausted. The experience can be unpleasant and very difficult. The best part of meeting people with a bad attitude is — you learn what NOT to do. It’s an unforgettable lesson. 

We all have those days when you stop and think can anything get worse?’‘ During those difficult times you have to pause and ask yourself — Was it a bad day or maybe you just met a person with a bad attitude? 

Life takes a toll on you and there are times you are caught offguard reacting to a difficult situation in a very hostile manner. Then, you reflect on how you reacted …and sheepishly — you felt ashamed that you were so unprepared for the situation. 

There are times in my life that I wished instead of reacting in a hostile manner to folks with a bad and unapologetic attitude….that I should have acted more INTELLIGENTLY by simply ignoring their behavior/actions. 

Every day I’m learning to become STRONGER and BETTER than I was the day before. I am no longer waiting for folks to apologize — instead I’ve decided to move on with my life freeing myself up to a greater level of peace and happiness. Forgive and forget mode….

There are some people who can hear you speak, see you do good stuff, but …they will still somehow forget what you said, and what you did. Regardless of how others may respond to you — never allow your emotions to control your behavior. Keep emotions in check ….

Dear God, when I hurt others, give me the strength to apologize, and if others hurt me, give me the strength to forgive. 

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