God And God Alone

Have you ever felt tired and alone in a room filled with happy people? I’m certain that’s a pretty normal everyday feeling for lots of people because we live in a cold and heartless world where everyone is busy and hustling around minding their own business. 

To the persons who find themselves on the awkward side of the room ACTING out a role ….usually have built up anger and emotions tucked away inside their hearts while the rest of the people party on without missing one beat. 

Meanwhile: The emotionally challenged persons manages to have their emotions all checked while still sweetly smiling with everyone who passes by ….

This is until someone either says something or does something…and whoop… there it is …the floodgates of tears runneth over. 

The worst part of a woman is when she’s smiling just to keep her tears from falling. Life gets tricky to handle ….when you have to keep acting strong and brave to hide the pain. 

A woman needs to feel secure, safe and to have a certain amount of comfort in knowing that she’s not left alone to the ‘wolves’. She was made to be loved, protected, nurtured and to feel safely connected with others. 

When that Human link is missing and the void becomes increasingly difficult to bear – what can she do? Hmmmm…

Trust God to step right into your wilderness, into your empty wasteland and throw His arms around you, and lavish all His attention on you. He is a good, good Father.

Before you are even fully aware — He’s guarding you as the apple of His eye. 

God’s love for you is like an eagle hovering over its nest, overshadowing its young, then spreading its wings, lifting them into the air and teaching them to fly. 

I like this – TEACHING THEM TO FLY!!!!

GOD alone leads us and lifts us on to the mountain tops where we can find rest. 

CS Lewis says —”Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. 

YOU HAVE TO LET GO at SOME point in order to MOVE forward.” 

5 thoughts on “ God And God Alone

  1. This was my favorite line “Trust God to step right into your wilderness, into your empty wasteland and throw His arms around you, and lavish all His attention on you. He is a good, good Father.” These are the reassuring words that I need in this season. Thank You and God Bless

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